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This year marks our 21st anniversary as an official AIA continuing education provider, and soon our two millionth continuing education test will be taken. To celebrate, we are hosting a TWO MILLIONTH TEST TAKER SWEEPSTAKES.

Take any test at between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019 for a chance to win the following prizes:

The more tests you take, the more chances you get!

How to Enter

Architects who take a test during the sweepstakes promotion will automatically be entered to win. The 2 millionth test taker will win the Grand Prize and ten runner ups will be chosen at random and also awarded prizes.

The winner will be notified by April 30, 2019.

Contest Rules
Every architect who completes a test on the CE Center between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, is eligible for entry into the contest.

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Sponsored by American Institute of Steel Construction
Imaging the Possibilities
Using biophilia in commercial and institutional buildings of all types
Sponsored by Inpro
Turning up the Heat on Cold Storage Roof Design
A Flurry of Design Considerations
Sponsored by GAF
Healthy Design in a Post-COVID World: Clean Air & Wellness From the Top Down
Innovative ceiling systems can enhance the effectiveness of HVAC systems and contribute to healthy i...
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Sponsored by Milgard Windows & Doors
Health-Care Flooring for the New Normal
Savvy specification helps patients, staff, and the bottom line in challenging times
Sponsored by Ecore
Design for Neurodiversity
Brain Trust: Architects engage with users to create environments that support those with a multiplic...
Architectural Record
Making Transitions: Keeping Air and Water Barriers Continuous
Integrated sheathing solutions help streamline detailing and installation
Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
The Evolution of Water-Resistive and Air Barriers in Commercial Building Envelope Construction
Understanding Integrated Sheathing + WRB-AB System Solutions
Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
Integral Sheathing Solutions for Multi-Family Projects
High-performance and code compliance come easy with integrated WRB/AB sheathing solutions
Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Building Products
Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Building Products
Designing Modern Wood Schools
How to create high-performance structures that are also cost effective
Sponsored by Think Wood
The Impact of Wood Use on North American Forests
Can specifying wood for buildings contribute to forest sustainability?
Sponsored by Think Wood
Sponsored by Invisible Structures
Three Hot Topics in Commercial Bathroom and Shower Design
ADA Compliance, the Rise of Modular and Overcoming Field Problems
Sponsored by Inpro
Public Health and Sustainability Concerns in Schools
Design in a post-pandemic, climate-changing era
Sponsored by Inpro, Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS), NanaWall Systems, and New Millennium Building Systems
Using Metal Building Systems to Meet and Exceed the Energy Code
High-performance results include insulation options and improved air-infiltration sealing
Sponsored by Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
How Fire Sprinklers Provide Design Flexibility in Your Building
A look at Specific Application Window Sprinklers vs. Traditional or Standard Sprinklers
Sponsored by Johnson Controls
Acoustic Design for Wellness in a Post-COVID World
Addressing growing noise challenges resulting from interior design changes due to the pandemic
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Acoustics: An Important Design Consideration for All Projects
These projects showcase the benefits of focusing on acoustics.
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Concrete Waterproofing Alternatives
Crystalline concrete technology eliminates the need for separate membranes
Sponsored by Xypex Chemical Corporation
The Importance of Testing When Specifying Natural Stone
Educating design professionals about which ASTM and ANSI tests to specify for every common natural s...
Sponsored by Natural Stone Institute
Retractable Roofs: A Sustainable Solution
Retractable roofs facilitate natural ventilation and daylighting, contributing to healthier occupied...
Sponsored by OpenAire, Inc.
Building Electrification
An all-electric movement charges ahead in the race to reduce carbon emissions
Architectural Record
Structural Wood Building Systems
Choosing the right material for a sustainable, safe, and resilient project
Sponsored by Think Wood
LED Technology and Support Structures: Advantages, Applications, and Attachment
High-quality LED display mounting systems are key to ensuring a crisp, seamless appearance
Sponsored by Draper, Inc.
Creative Building Solutions with Pre-Painted Metal Panels
Innovative products offer multiple aesthetics, proven performance, and overall sustainability
Sponsored by Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and National Coil Coating Association (NCCA)
Understanding Metal Composite Material, Installation, and Systems
Distinguishing quality and understanding warranties
Sponsored by Metal Construction Association’s Metal Composite Material Alliance
Speed Is the New Green
Advanced Fundamentals for High-Performance Doors
Sponsored by Hörmann High Performance Doors
Automated Parking Systems Demystified
Answering the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Questions about this Innovative Technology
Sponsored by Westfalia Technologies, Inc.
Sponsored by the Air Barrier Association of America
Creating High-Performance Building Facades
New materials, products, and systems create better results that enhance designs
Sponsored by Azon, HOFMANN FACADES, Inpro, Neolith®, and Vitro Architectural Glass
Prefabricated EIFS-Clad Panel Assemblies
Design Considerations and Benefits of a Panelized Approach
Sponsored by Tremco Construction Products Group
Sponsored by Keene, Plastic Components, Inc., Quikrete, Spec Mix, and Structa Wire
European-Style Cabinetry: Less is More, Still True Today, as it Has Been for Decades
Using European Cabinets to Create Modern, Customizable, Fit-for-Purpose Designs
Sponsored by Lineadecor USA
Unique and Innovative Fire Rated Applications
Tim Nass, talks about the projects that have spurred unique and innovative fire rated glazing produc...
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Wildfire-Adapted Design
Sounding the Alarm: Architects and local officials grapple with building practices and regulations a...
Architectural Record
Balancing Fire and Energy Code Requirements in Exterior Walls
Exploring options for exterior wall designs with insulation that is consistent with codes and the te...
Sponsored by ROCKWOOL
Using Glass Wall Dividers for Wellness to Help Stop the Spread of Disease
Simple solutions for complex issues.
Sponsored by The Sliding Door Company
Bringing Green Design to Residential Projects
Innovations and alternative products support custom projects
Sponsored by Bison Innovative Products and Cascade Architectural
Women in Architecture Forum & Awards
Celebrate Design Leadership
Sponsored by Ornamental Metal Institute of New York and Steel Institute of New York
Conquering Carbon
Facade designs are key to meeting stringent New York City carbon reduction requirements
Sponsored by the Ornamental Metal Institute of New York
Your Walls are Your Canvas
Trends + Transformations in Wall Finishing
Sponsored by Inpro
The Advantages of an IMP Roof
A closer look at the thermal performance and sustainability qualities offered by insulated metal pan...
Sponsored by Metal Construction Association's Insulated Metal Panel Alliance
The Profitability of Healthy Spaces
The Business Case for Designing with Light and Air
Sponsored by Kingspan Light + Air
The Building Science of Floor Systems
Vapor drive can be just as important in crawlspace wood floor assemblies as it is in wall design
Sponsored by AdvanTech® subfloor assembly
Sponsored by Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.
Sponsored by Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA)
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Floor and Wall Panels for Multifamily Buildings
A streamlined approach to achieve better acoustics and fire resistance
Sponsored by EXACORTM MgO Board
How Windows and Doors Can Make a House Feel Good
Designing a custom home that promotes occupant well-being includes specification of windows and door...
Sponsored by Marvin
Custom Homes: Address Design Challenges & Constraints
Whether the goal is to preserve the past or to innovate for the future, these projects demonstrate u...
Sponsored by Marvin
Modern Residential Architecture: Reimagining the Cottage
These projects strive to incorporate sustainability and emerging environmental technologies
Sponsored by Marvin
Kitchens and Baths: Good Design is Good Business
From London to California, these innovative kitchens and baths are awe inspiring
Sponsored by Marvin
Trends in Daylighting and Tunable Lighting
New strategies and technologies can bring health benefits to commercial and residential spaces
Sponsored by Marvin
The Good, the Bad and the Aesthetically Acceptable
Evaluating Proposed Equivalents to Maintain Your Project’s Acoustic Goals
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions
Top Five Tips for Successful Daylighting Design
Equip every project to meet its own unique performance goals
Sponsored by Lutron Electronics
Sponsored by Andersen Windows and Doors
Social Justice and the Climate Crisis
Environmental Inequity: As the brunt of the climate emergency falls on disadvantaged communities, gr...
Architectural Record
Bathroom Design: The Differentiating Factor
How to help (or harm) your building’s reputation with bathroom design
Sponsored by ASI Group
Technology Transforms Tile
Today’s precision-engineered ceramic tiles can go where no tile has gone before
Sponsored by Tile of Spain USA
Raising the Bar in Elevator Technology
Elevating architecture with destination dispatch controls
Sponsored by Schindler Elevator Corporation
Mitigating Glare and Solar Heat Gain with Exterior Shading Systems
Fabric zip systems, venetian blinds, and rack arm systems are highly effective strategies for optimi...
Sponsored by Draper, Inc.
The Role of Insulation in Mission-Critical Design
Improve moisture control and fire performance with the right material
Sponsored by Owens Corning
Successful Perimeter Fire Containment
Shedding light on common misconceptions about PFC systems
Sponsored by Owens Corning
Multifamily Design in 2020
New health concerns blend with standard criteria to foster new solutions
Sponsored by Inpro, NanaWall Systems, New Millennium Building Systems, Rocky Mountain Hardware, and TAMLYN
Flooring for Laboratory Designs
Rubber flooring products offer more options and better performance than some traditional materials
Sponsored by nora
Introduction to Weather Resistant Barriers
A building science primer
Sponsored by TYPAR
Lighting Effects with Coiled Wire Fabric
Stunning results can be achieved by combining natural or electric lighting with coiled wire fabric
Sponsored by Cascade Architectural
Sponsored by Euroline Steel Windows and Doors
Sponsored by the Air Barrier Association of America
Health-Care Design for All
Architects and designers have many choices for enhancing accessibility, performance, and well-being ...
Sponsored by Aamsco Lighting, Cascade Architectural, and Inpro
The Anatomy of Sustainability + Resilience
Advanced Concrete Framing Technology for Eco-Friendly Buildings that Last
Sponsored by Tremco Construction Products Group
Right Flooring, Right Building
Selecting the best-fit acoustical flooring solutions for today’s diverse building portfolio
Sponsored by FloorFolio Industries
The Future of Opaque Facades
UHPC Veneer Facades
Sponsored by Hoffman Facades
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
From Architectural Record’s 2020 Innovation Conference
Achieving Design Objectives with Metal Roofs and Facades
How seven projects met performance, sustainability, and aesthetic goals with metal cladding
Sponsored by PAC-CLAD | Petersen
BURSI Commercial Roof to Wall Connections
Including Specifics on Cold Storage and Data Centers
Sponsored by Johns Manville
Community Engagement
People Power: Architects give a voice to those often overlooked in the design process
Architectural Record
Creating Healthy Outdoor Comfort with Structures and Exterior Shading
Innovative motorized and fixed louver and fabric structures with integrated side shades adding wind,...
Sponsored by Skyco Shading Systems, Inc.
Landscape Architecture: Creating Exterior Spaces
Materials and strategies for enriching the outdoor experience
Sponsored by Bison Innovative Products, Endicott Clay Products Company, Pioneer Landscape Centers, Skyco Shading Systems, and Thermory USA
How to Calculate the Wood Carbon Footprint of a Building
Expanding the possibilities of wood building design
Sponsored by Think Wood
Beyond Distance Learning and Hybrid Models
Better learning environments through COVID
Sponsored by Vectorworks, Inc.
Building and Energy Code Updates
The design of exterior walls and glazed entrances are a particular focus
Sponsored by C.R. Laurence and TAMLYN
Put the Pedal to the Metal
Metal roofing and wall systems’ longevity, recyclability, and compatibility with retrofits and roo...
Sponsored by Metal Construction Association
Insulated Metal Panels
The All-In-One Air and Water Barrier
Sponsored by Metal Construction Association - Insulated Metal Panel Alliance
Sponsored by National Glass Association
Sponsored by National Glass Association
Understanding How Glazing Can Impact Safety and Fire Protection
Specifying the right glass to protect schools, churches, and public buildings
Sponsored by National Glass Association
Sponsored by National Glass Association
Exploring the Boundaries of Glass Building Materials
Learn how these projects push the edge on glass and glazing design.
Sponsored by National Glass Association
High-Performance Glass Solutions
A systems approach to efficient building envelopes
Sponsored by National Glass Association
Designing Roofs for Life Safety and Sound Isolation
Explore expert insights on how to specify sound-rated automatic smoke vents
Sponsored by The BILCO Company
Architectural Record
The Intersection of Glass and Resilient Design
These projects feature glass while focusing on resilience and the communities in which they are buil...
Sponsored by Guardian Glass
Embracing the Timber Age
Suitable vapor-permeable water-resistive-barrier and air-barrier membranes, roof underlayments, and ...
Sponsored by VaproShield
Making Healthcare Buildings Healthier
Taking care of those who work and use healthcare facilities.
Sponsored by ROCKFON
Continuous Perimeter Foundation Vents
The next innovation in crawl-space ventilation
Sponsored by Joto-Vent System USA, Inc.
Pergolas: The Perfect Complement to Any Outdoor Room
Providing shelter and protection while allowing users to enjoy sunshine, cool breezes, and nature
Sponsored by Walpole Outdoors
Antimicrobials in the Built Environment
A Cure for What Ails Us? A look at microbe-attacking additives in building materials and finishes in...
Architectural Record
Sponsored by Huntsman Building Solutions
Supporting Performance While Saving Energy
Designing solar shades to cultivate occupant well-being and promote whole building function
Sponsored by Draper, Inc.
Acoustics in Healthcare Environments
An introduction to the acoustical issues commonly confronted on healthcare projects
Sponsored by ROCKFON
The Intersection of Design and Current Events: The Urgency of Now
Architects address the current issues of diversity and COVID-19
Sponsored by ROCKFON
How the Pandemic is Shifting Designer Focus to Healthcare
Read about ways the profession is morphing, along with the rest of the world.
Sponsored by ROCKFON
Anatomy of a Tension Structure
The process of designing and building a tension structure
Sponsored by FabriTec Structures
Expansion Joints and Their Role in Waterproofing
Keeping water where it belongs
Sponsored by Inpro
Designing for Better Acoustics
New products and systems help create quieter results
Sponsored by AMBICO Limited, NanaWall, PABCO Gypsum, and Turf Design
Sealing the Envelope
Designing high-performance building envelopes with expansive glass spans
Sponsored by C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.
Performance Analysis of Aged TPO Membranes
A Real Life Field Study
Sponsored by GAF
Roofs for Cold Storage Buildings
Building science and construction (methods/types) come together in cold storage buildings. The uniqu...
Sponsored by GAF
Don't Let an Outdated Cold-Formed Steel Specification Kill a Good Project
Essential updates you need to know about.
Sponsored by Telling Industries
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Pursuing a Circular Economy
Understanding how materials, design, and planning can increase sustainability
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Bio-Based Materials
Planting the Future: Materials derived from nature—as an alternative to conventional building prod...
Architectural Record
Deployable Fire- and Smoke-Protection Solutions
A closer look at the space-savvy systems delivering safe and code-compliant interiors
Sponsored by Smoke Guard
A More Transparent Shade of Green
Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) Drive Restroom to the Lead in Green Design
Sponsored by Excel Dryer
Innovative Interiors
Products to maximize the design of indoor spaces
Sponsored by Bradley Corp., Inpro, NanaWall Systems, and Thermory USA
Managing Your Firm Through a Crisis and Into the Future
The means and methods of creating a sustainable practice during and after the COVID-19 crisis
Sponsored by BQE Software, Inc.
Linear Drain Systems for Barrier-Free Bathrooms and Wet Rooms
Streamlined shower design feature offers sophistication and sanitation
Sponsored by Infinity Drain
Colored by Design
The use of color in architectural practice can set the tone for the entire project.
Sponsored by Architectural Record
Designing for Life, From the Inside Out
These projects demonstrate a range of interior designs to meet modern lifestyles and needs.
Sponsored by Architectural Record
The Science of Visible Light and Its Impact on Paint Specification
A foundational understanding of how artificial and natural lighting affect paint color
Climate, Carbon, and Human Health
Buildings can shift from being part of the problem to part of the solution
Sponsored by Interface
Sponsored by the Air Barrier Association of America
Planning for Compressed Construction Timelines Post COVID-19
Advanced technologies that help project teams speed construction to meet owner’s timeline, budget ...
Sponsored by Tremco Construction Products Group
Motorized Pergola Systems
Optimizing Outdoor Spaces in Hotels, Restaurants, and High-End Residential Projects
Sponsored by Corradi USA
Specialty Door Openings
An overview of design options, applications and specification considerations for specialty door open...
Sponsored by ASSA ABLOY
Fighting Fires and Saving Lives in Large, Single-Story, Undivided Buildings
A closer look at the need to incorporate automatic smoke vents into these designs
Sponsored by The BILCO Company
Carbon Policy
Think Global, Act Local: Forward-looking cities lead the way toward a zero-carbon future
Architectural Record
Sponsored by ALPOLIC® Metal Composite Materials
Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
Natural Materials in Biophilic Design
In creating a direct connection to nature, wood ceilings and wall systems can boost occupant health,...
Sponsored by CertainTeed
Adapting to Change: Arenas Rely on Steel
Structural steel delivers the flexibility and adaptability required by today and tomorrow’s multip...
Sponsored by The Steel Institute of New York
Improving Multi-Story Building Design
Specifying the right long-span composite floor system
Sponsored by New Millennium Building Systems
Great Design Begins with Color
Let’s discuss color and material choices in interior architectural design
Sponsored by Benjamin Moore & Co.
Hospitality and Retail Go Green
Checking in to luxury and energy efficiency
Sponsored by ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, Bradley Corp., Cascade Architectural, Bison Innovative Products, KOVA, and NanaWall
Wind Design of Roof Systems
What’s New, What’s the Same
Sponsored by GAF
Understanding the Roofing-Related Changes with FM Global's Loss Prevention Data Sheets
Updates May Impact Your Roof System Designs
Sponsored by Trufast
Performance for All
Designing sink stations that promote well-being for a wide range of ages and abilities
Sponsored by BLANCO
The Building Science of Floor Systems
Vapor drive can be just as important in crawl space wood floor assemblies as it is in wall designs
Sponsored by AdvanTech® subfloor assembly
Eight Fundamental Performance Characteristics of Healthcare Flooring Specification
How evidence-based design (EBD) supports clinical and operational efficiencies
Sponsored by Interface
Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Building Envelopes
Solar air heated walls, cool roofs and walls, and solar-ready roof design
Sponsored by ATAS International, Inc.
Optimizing Daylight in Different Buildings
Not all buildings are the same, and neither are their daylighting solutions
Sponsored by Kalwall® Corporation
Larger than Life
Endless possibilities and latest innovations of Large Format Porcelain Panels
Sponsored by Fiandre
Passive House
Coming of Age: Projects relying on a stringent standard imported from Europe grow in both complexity...
Architectural Record
Form and Function
Design, performance, and environmental capabilities of single-skin metal panels
Sponsored by Dri-Design
Water Safety and Backflow Prevention
Protecting drinking water, conserving water resources, and providing resilience to all buildings
Sponsored by WATTS Water Technologies, Inc.
Durability by Design
Protection approaches and options
Sponsored by Inpro
420 Reasons your Grow House Needs Better Security
Evaluating security requirements and real-world applications in the cannabis and other high-value ma...
Sponsored by CornellCookson
Specifying Flooring from the Bottom Up
A holistic approach helps create spaces that look as good as they perform
Sponsored by Neolith® and New Millennium Building Systems
Designing for the Contemporary Custom Home
Integrating design choices into a cohesive aesthetic while satisfying performance and sustainability...
Sponsored by Cascade Architectural, Humboldt Redwood, and Rocky Mountain Hardware
Architectural Castings for Walls and Ceilings
Material choices provide versatility in design for both interiors and exteriors
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Time for Timber
A very old material is getting renewed architectural respect.
Architectural Record
On the Flip Side
A thin profile of shingled cladding juxtaposes with brick in a hybrid residence-hall structure.
Architectural Record
Embodied Carbon
After focusing for decades on energy efficiency, the green building movement sets its sights on “u...
Architectural Record
Future Trends for Multifamily Housing Exteriors
Moisture management and architectural trim and reveal options
Sponsored by TAMLYN
Integrated Water-Intrusion Management Solutions for Multifamily Properties
Single-source products for various facade options
Sponsored by TAMLYN
Adventures in Multi-Family Design: A Global Perspective
From Sweden to Brazil, these projects tackle housing issues with some flare
Sponsored by TAMLYN
Creating Community: Meeting the Many Goals of Multi-Family Projects
It’s not enough to simply provide more units. These projects demonstrate how to create and encoura...
Sponsored by TAMLYN
Masonry and LEED v4
Advanced products and systems can facilitate compliance
Sponsored by EchelonTM Masonry
Space Planning for a New Generation
Using BIM Software to Understand and Accommodate the Millennial Market
Sponsored by Vectorworks, Inc.
Resilient Design
Creating buildings for adaptation to changing climate conditions
Sponsored by Cascade Architectural and C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.
Refining to Reach the Optimal Goal
Adding worth, functionality, and competitiveness in the built environment with value engineering
Sponsored by Gordian
Unique and Affordable Multifamily Concepts
These projects set a high bar for affordable multifamily housing.
Sponsored by Tamlyn
Cable Railing Systems
Designing for building code compliance, maximum aesthetic effect, and sustainability
Sponsored by Atlantis Rail Systems
Addressing Moisture Durability and Energy Performance in Roof Assemblies
A Critical Review of Multiple Voluntary Green Building Certifications
Sponsored by GAF
Parapets—Continuity of Control Layers
Parapet continuity of detailing required to manage moisture, air, vapor and thermal performance, as ...
Sponsored by GAF
Sponsored by Belgard Commercial
Putting People First
Create confidential spaces and take speech privacy to the next level
Materials & Toxicity
Breathe Easier: Architects cut harmful chemicals in designing environments for children.
Architectural Record
Maximizing Value with Interior Glass Door Solutions
Interior glass walls and doors gain traction in workplaces and multiunit studios and lofts
Sponsored by The Sliding Door Company
Hard Walls, High Style
Decorative protection panels bring style, durability, resiliency, and safety to commercial settings
Sponsored by Formica Group
Giving Elevators a Lift
Cab interior retrofits in major renovation projects
Sponsored by Inpro
Improving School Environments by Design
Incorporating some of the best design principles means selecting the best products and systems curre...
Sponsored by Inpro, NanaWall Systems, and SOPREMA, Inc.
The Solution to the Parking Problem
Automated parking systems improve the space efficiency and security of a parking structure
Sponsored by CityLift Parking
Acoustical and Sustainable Design for Occupant Well-Being in Every Space
The role acoustical ceiling and wall systems can play in creating healthy living, work, and healing ...
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Acoustics in Office Interiors
Learn about acoustic considerations and design choices for office space interiors
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Performance Space Designs that Deserve a Standing Ovation
These projects show the many ways to approach acoustic design challenges.
The Pedagogical Ethic: Beyond the Practical Imperative
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Research in Practice
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Digital Disruption: Surviving Risks, Reaping Rewards
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Space Making/Place Making
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
From Local to Global
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Built on Craft
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Digital Disruption: An Engineer Responds
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Present Tense, Future Perfect
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Mass Timber Construction
Snake Charmer: A trio of buildings for a watchmaking company reveals new possibilities for wood
Architectural Record
Mass Timber: Reaching New Heights
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Cities Without Infrastructure
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Breaking New Ground
From Architectural Record’s 2019 Innovation Conference
Multihousing Trends and Design Solutions
To help developers keep pace with the amenity war, architects are designing cutting-edge outdoor spa...
Sponsored by Unilock
Sustainable Metal Buildings
Inherent efficiencies and whole building life-cycle assessments produce very positive results
Sponsored by Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
Creative Design Alternatives Using Metal Building Systems
There are differences between design perceptions and realities
Sponsored by Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
Sponsored by Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing
Individual Parts Bring a Greater Whole
A primer on MCMs
Sponsored by Metal Construction Association
Retrofit Single-Ply Roof Systems over Metal Panel Roofs
What are current market practices, best practices and industry concerns for wind resistance?
Sponsored by GAF
Sponsored by Duro-Last®, Inc., Larsen Products Corp., MFM, and Owens Corning
The Evolution of Parking
How automated systems are changing the future of parking with lowered emissions, space savings, user...
Sponsored by Westfalia Technologies, Inc.
Sponsored by ZIP System® building enclosures
Sponsored by the Air Barrier Association of America
Healing Environments for Health Care
Architects of health-care facilities are incorporating design innovations to help speed patient re...
Sponsored by Aamsco Lighting, Inc., ASI, Inpro, Kohler Co., Lonseal Flooring, and WAC LIGHTING
Choices Abound for Attractive & Smart Facade Design
Mindful specifications to satisfy aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability
Sponsored by AZON, Cascade Architectural, Inpro, and Vitro Architectural Glass
Sponsored by Natural Stone Institute
Architectural Record
Multifamily Housing Design Amenities
Innovation in creating and connecting with outdoor spaces in new and renovated buildings helps drive...
Sponsored by Bison Innovative Products and NanaWall Systems
Resilient and Sustainable Terrazzo Flooring
A closer look at how this material survives floods and supports green design
Sponsored by The National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association
Managing Risk During Intricate Curtain-Wall Projects
Early collaboration and a design-assist approach are key to successfully delivering complex facades
Sponsored by Ornamental Metal Institute of New York
Prepare Your Low-Slope Roofing Projects to Meet the 2021 ICC Codes
Summary of revisions to the ICC Building, Energy Conservation and Existing Building Codes
Sponsored by Duro-Last
The Quiet Multifamily Home
How flooring choices can lessen excess noise
Sponsored by Mohawk Industries
Sponsored by Technical Glass Products (TGP)
Sponsored by Technical Glass Products (GTP)
Sponsored by Technical Glass Products (TGP)
Biomimetic Materials
Life Lessons: Architects turn to biology for solutions to all that ails us.
Architectural Record
Taking Accessibility to a New Level
Driven by standards, demographics, and economics, demand is increasing for stylish yet functional AD...
Sponsored by Inpro Architectural Products and Scranton Products
Fire Resistive Expansion Joint
Keeping fire barriers uninterrupted
Sponsored by Inpro
Preparing Concrete for Resilient Floor Installations
Identifying issues and following recognized standards helps assure best results
Sponsored by nora
Sponsored by ZIP System® building enclosures
Sponsored by SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions
Use It or Lose It—Re-roof or Re-cover of Existing Roof Systems
Options and requirements for re-roofing and re-cover of existing decks and systems
Sponsored by Johns Manville
Modular Construction
Prefab 2.0 to the Rescue: New Modular construction methods may help fix the global housing crisis.
Architectural Record
Creative Potential of Vector Graphics for Architectural Glass Projects
Transform digital images into highly original laminated glass designs of virtually any size or scale
Sponsored by Forms+Surfaces
Show Your Mettle
Designing with metal brings durability, energy savings, and cost efficiency together
Sponsored by Metal Construction Association
Commercial Rooftop Solar: Maximizing a Stellar Opportunity
Expanding Solar Power Generation through Design
Sponsored by GAF
Innovations in Interior Design
Using the right products to modernize today’s indoor spaces
Sponsored by Cascade Architectural, NanaWall Systems, and XtremeInterior by Tamlyn
Sponsored by Technical Glass Products (TGP)
Coastal Resilience
Communities on the front lines of the climate crisis take a “soft” approach to flood protection.
Architectural Record
How to Design for Sustainable Buildings with Vacuum Insulated Glass
Applications and Technology of Vacuum Insulated Glazing in Commercial Buildings
Sponsored by Guardian Glass
Landscape Architecture: Great Outdoor Spaces by Design
Materials and strategies for enriching outdoor experiences
Sponsored by Bison Innovative Products, Endicott Clay Products Company, and Thermory USA
Sponsored by Vectorworks
Sponsored by Owens Corning and TYPAR
Design Driven by Accurate Cost Data
Using independent, up-to-date sources helps assure project success
Sponsored by RSMeans data from Gordian
Airports of the Future
What’s next for air-travel design? Buildings that ease passenger aggravation and respond to the lo...
Architectural Record
Modern Acoustic Solutions for Interior Environments
Specifying for health, comfort, aesthetics, and affordability
Sponsored by AMBICO, ASI Architectural, Focal Point, NanaWall, PABCO Gypsum, Pyrok, Rockfon®, and USG
Building Resiliency
Designing buildings to withstand natural and man-made disasters through product specification
Sponsored by Construction Specialties
Resilient Design: Creating a Built Environment Prepared for Climate Change
Architects increase awareness of the importance of considering how the built environment might fare ...
Sponsored by Construction Specialties
To Code...and Beyond
Using insulated metal panels to future-proof buildings
Sponsored by Metal Construction Association, IMP Funders Group
Re-Roof & Recover with Expanded Polystyrene
Better, Faster, and More Cost Effective Hybrid Insulation Solutions
Sponsored by Insulfoam
Sustainable Building Design: Improving the Global Footprint
Projects that exemplify sustainable design in action
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
New Acoustical Options in Specialty and Seamless Ceiling Systems
Designing for acoustics no longer means sacrificing aesthetics
Sponsored by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions
Balancing Health and Performance Benefits through Natural Lighting
Understanding how to specify glazing systems that balance access to natural light with thermal perfo...
Sponsored by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®
Low-Slope Roofing Insulation and Cover Boards
Design Considerations, Selection and Performance Benefits
Sponsored by Johns Manville
Connected Cities
Designs on Data: Smart technologies and sophisticated analytical tools are helping us understand and...
Architectural Record
Revolutionary, Permanent Tensioned Membrane Aluminum Frame Supported Structures
Unique tensioned membrane aluminum frame supported structures are a permanent solution for architect...
Sponsored by Sprung Instant Structures, Inc.
Wood Structures: An Impressive Renewable Resource
Attracted to the natural qualities of wood, these bold projects showcase this renewable resource
Gaining Urban Space: Platforms Over Rail Yards
Land-strapped cities are starting to erect massive steel overbuilds on top of rail yards to spur muc...
Sponsored by The Steel Institute of New York
ASCE 7-16 and Its Impact on Wind Uplift Design
Keep Your Roof Designs Current and Compliant
Sponsored by Duro-Last®, Inc., MFM, and Trufast
Best Practices for Building Envelope Transitions
How building enclosure audits can reduce complications during construction.
Sponsored by FiberTite and SOPREMA
Building with Nature: Resilient Environments and Buildings
Designing for resilience often means living and building with nature, not against it
Sponsored by Construction Specialties
How To Provide New Service Offerings by Working with Consultants
Learn how architects are meeting the challenges of working with consultants to create new service of...
Sponsored by Benjamin Moore & Co.
Professional Roundtable: Perspectives on Glass and Glazing in Design
Learn about the latest trends in glass and glazing towards improving occupant well-being
Sponsored by National Glass Association
Understanding the Basics of Glaze, Formulation, and Application of Tile
Selecting the best tile based on specifications, aesthetics, and affordability
Sponsored by Vitromex USA
Flooring: Affecting the Environment from the Ground Up
The flooring industry is making great strides toward reducing its environmental impact, both in prod...
Sponsored by Adsil, Lonseal Flooring, Thermory USA, and USG
Technology and  Trends in Sustainable Tropical Hardwoods
New products for fastening and finishing systems ensure ease of installation, low maintenance, and b...
Sponsored by Nova USA Wood Products LLC
Daylight and Electric Illumination
Full Spectrum: Designers leverage technology to work with, as well as emulate, the light of the sun.
Architectural Record
What’s New in Retail and Hospitality Design?
Innovative products help create better results
Sponsored by ASI Group, Bison Innovative Products, Inpro, NanaWall Systems, and XtremeInterior by Tamlyn
The Business of Architecture: Leading by Example
How architects use their own spaces to demonstrate their design philosophy
Sponsored by Benjamin Moore & Co.
The Business of Architecture: Expanding Services for the Profession
Forensic architecture, furniture design, and biophilic design are just some of the ways architects a...
Sponsored by Benjamin Moore & Co.
Sustainability and Green Design
Specifying high-performing paints for building longevity
Sponsored by Benjamin Moore & Co.
R-Value Optimization for Low-Slope Roofs
Are you getting what you paid for?
Sponsored by GAF
In Living Color
Introducing new palettes in the kitchen to enhance welfare, health, and durability
Sponsored by BLANCO
Built-In Blinds
Integrated blinds offer controlled daylighting, occupant comfort, indoor air quality, and low mainte...
Sponsored by Intigral, Inc.
Incorporating the Latest Trends in Residential Design
A closer look at the new solutions designers are using meet the demands of today’s homeowners
Sponsored by Cascade Architectural, LaCantina Doors, and Rocky Mountain Hardware
High-Performance Facades
Face Value: Architects refine the art and science of facade design.
Architectural Record
Sponsored by Carlisle SynTec
Building Envelope—Closing the GAP
ZNE Best Practices and Challenges with New Energy Codes
Sponsored by Demilec and SOPREMA
High-Performance Thermal and Moisture Protection Strategies
Some advanced products are available to help create better buildings
Sponsored by Inpro, Kingspan Insulation LLC, and TAMLYN
Innovations in Parking Garages
Garage Band: Parking facilities riff on new uses as the automobile’s role evolves.
Architectural Record
Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
Who’s the Culprit in WRB-AB Leakage?
New Solutions for Your Building Envelope
Sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
Yes, We Can! Multifamily Housing Meets Sustainability
LEED certification, Passive House certification, attacking homelessness—these projects show you ho...
Sponsored by TAMLYN
The Beautiful, Modern, Budget-Friendly Floating Staircase
A closer look at tips and trends for designing with this new staircase style
Sponsored by Viewrail
Effective Fenestration for Wellness and Energy Conservation
Strategies to connect to the outdoors, control energy flow, and maintain comfortable interiors
Sponsored by Marvin, NanaWall Systems, and Saint-Gobain SageGlass
Specifying Glass for Zoos, Parks, and Aquariums
A guide to glass options that enhance the viewing experience and ensure the safety and well-being...
Sponsored by Pilkington North America – NSG Group
Glass Selection for Unique Spaces
Case Study: Museums and Zoo Exhibits
Sponsored by Pilkington North America – NSG Group
Galleries and Museums: Melding Old and New with Glass
These projects use glass and light to connect old and new, inside and outside
Sponsored by Pilkington North America – NSG Group
New Designs and Restorations of Classics: Museums for the Next Decade
From the Louvre Abu Dhabi on the Arabian Gulf to the U.S. East Coast to California, these museum des...
Sponsored by Pilkington North America – NSG Group
Five Museums Making the Most of Concrete, Steel, Glass, and Nature
Extraordinary designs that celebrate natural and manmade history
Sponsored by Pilkington North America – NSG Group
Seismic Design
Shaking Things Up: Engineers push buildings to higher levels of earthquake performance.
Architectural Record
Health-Care Surfaces: Marrying Function with Design
How cutting-edge surfacing products create hygiene, durability, and beauty in hospitals, health-care...
Sponsored by Formica Group
The Rise of Temporary and Pop-Up Architecture
Temporary structures offer an experimental means to look at design, construction technology, and use...
Sponsored by Vectorworks
Roofing & Waterproofing Forensics
On-Site Analysis and Material Testing
Sponsored by Duro-Last®, Inc. and FiberTite Roofing Systems
Designing for People with Hearing Loss
A closer look at the advantages of specifying a hearing loop assistive listening system
Sponsored by Contacta
Understanding Single-Ply Roofing Systems
Material options and installation methods for specifying single-ply roofing membranes in low-slope ...
Sponsored by Johns Manville
Vertical School Expansions
Nowhere to Go but Up: Schools on tight urban sites are raising the roof.
Architectural Record
Healthy School Buildings Mean Healthy Students and Healthy Learning
Using K–12 building design to improve student experiences
Sponsored by ASI Group, Construction Specialties, CornellCookson, Elkay®, Excel Dryer, GAF, Inpro, NanaWall Systems, and Scranton Products®
Building the Ideal Rainscreen: Advantages of Extruded Concrete Panels
Extruded concrete has become an increasingly popular material choice because it is thinner, offers m...
Sponsored by Rieder North America
An Open Invitation
Multi-slide glass doors revolutionize open design by creating a focal point and bringing the benefit...
Sponsored by LaCantina Doors
Expressive Structure
Cultural Centers
Architectural Record
Using Western Red Cedar in Commercial and Multifamily Buildings
Cedar is a reliable material that architects are finding new and exciting ways to use
Sponsored by Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
Innovation and Resilience
Precast concrete advancements and attributes help designers achieve performance, life safety, and we...
Sponsored by Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)
New Options for Insulating and Ventilating Wood-Framed Sloped Roofs
The building science behind the latest code changes provides design guidance
Sponsored by Huber Engineered Woods
The Business Case for Building with Wood
How wood construction can contribute to process efficiency, sustainability, and marketability
Sponsored by Think Wood
Using Building Information Modeling for Architectural Drawings
BIM tools can improve professional practice and drawing quality without any compromise
Sponsored by Vectorworks
Perimeter Fire Containment and Engineering Judgments
Ensuring system integrity to provide escape time for building occupants
Sponsored by Owens Corning®
Health Care: Better Designs for Better Care
A guide to products that can contribute to safe, sanitary, and pleasant environments in health-care ...
Sponsored by CertainTeed Ceilings, Construction Specialties, and Inpro
Sponsored by Acuity Brands®

Prize Descriptions

The Nova task light brings functionality and beauty to the everyday office. This highly versatile LED light combines industry-leading levels of light output and adjustability - both in terms of positioning and brightness - with a contemporary design. Nova holds Energy Star 2.0 certification and contributes to LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge certificates. Nova is available in White, Light Gray and Black.
Humanscale’s Horizon 2.0 implements the latest LED technology to produce its signature, ultra-thin plane of light with greater efficiency. The Horizon 2.0 uses TPU material, a PVC alternative, in its power supply. It also holds Energy Star 2.0 certification. At the base of the task light, a seamless touch interface offers more precise control to adjust brightness. As a result, this task lamp features a cleaner overall aesthetic to complement its elegant, slim base. Horizon 2.0 is available in five vibrant colors: Bronze Gold, Silver, Jet Black, Arctic White, Twilight Blue and Morning Pink.

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