Metal Architecture Academy
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  3 AIA LU/HSW; 5 AIA LU/Elective
MCA Metal Architecture Academy Description The world is facing ongoing challenges in terms of climate change and pandemic response. In the field of architecture, metal walls and roofing offer sustainable, flexible solutions that not only address these issues, but make the design process fresh and exciting. Metal walls composed of metal composite material (MCM), insulated metal panels (IMPs) and single skin metal panels offer durable and stunning architectural facades in many shapes and finishes. When it comes to low-slope metal, steep slope metal and IMP roofing, the designs, energy savings and durability attributes are innumerable.

Academy Courses
Protecting the Core of MCMs
How skins and finishes make metal composite materials visually and functionally strong
Show Your Mettle
Designing with metal brings durability, energy savings, and cost efficiency together
To Code...and Beyond
Using insulated metal panels to future-proof buildings
The Metal Retrofit Revolution
Delivering longevity, durability, and great aesthetics, metal roofing and cladding panels are a popu...
The ABCs of LCAs and EPDs
Recognizing the importance of comprehensive life-cycle analysis studies for roofing and cladding sys...
The Ins and Outs of IMPs
Armed with the various design options offered by insulating metal panels, together with some best pr...