Calm After the Storm: Designs and Coatings for Post Pandemic Spaces

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by ICP Building Solutions Group
Presented by Samantha Jaramillo

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the historic effects of pandemics, epidemics and outbreaks and hygiene and design.
  2. Use current public health concerns to build awareness of the design potential of safer materials and spaces.
  3. Study how to compare material types suitable for safer spaces.
  4. Describe the role performance coatings play in post pandemic spaces and how scrub resistance relates to performance coatings and safer spaces.



This course examines how our approach to building safer spaces has evolved due to earlier pandemics, epidemics and outbreaks. The course discusses the new face of the office as workers return and design elements to allow for safe and productive collaboration while promoting health and maintaining worker safety. This course discusses everything from seating, to lightening and biophilic elements as well as assessing the role performance coatings play in mitigating future outbreaks.

Calm After the Storm

Photo courtesy of IdeaPaint


 Samantha Jaramillo, a member of the ICP family since 2019, and the International Interior Design Association for three years, Samantha Jaramillo puts her years of knowledge and expertise in the business and design fields to good use every day—educating architects and designers on ICP product lines to meet the organization’s exacting standards. An expert on ICP’s IdeaPaint™ and ProForMax coatings, she drives accuracy and understanding around the use and application of products to her many contacts across the United States, namely in the Western region, including the Bay Area, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and nearby localities.


ICP Building Solutions Group ICP is the foremost supplier of professional products and solutions for building envelope, cementitious and sports surface needs. Comprising dozens of industry-leading brands across numerous industries and applications, ICP offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios to building professionals all over the globe, all backed by its exclusive Masterworks training and education program. For more information, visit


Originally published in April 2022