Trust, but Verify—Quality Control for Your Air Barrier

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by the Air Barrier Association of America
Presented by Ryan Dalgleish

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify how to specify and use a variety of performance mock-ups to confirm design intent, sequencing, material compatibility and standards of installation acceptance.
  2. Demonstrate various ASTM test methods for assembly air permeance, rain penetration, adhesion, density and thickness testing procedures.
  3. Define key visual inspection methods used during the construction process for various air barrier materials utilizing site photos and proper corrective action.
  4. List the top five field related installation issues found during site quality control audits using site photos and case studies to evaluate the installation of the air barrier application.


This test is no longer available for credit

Today’s building construction must overcome complex building materials, multi-layer construction/multiple trades, thinner construction, limited on-the-job training, higher expectations, tight schedules and the pressure to keep the cost as low as possible. In the past, building systems were simpler with fewer layers. That is no longer the case.

One way to help ensure a successful project is to incorporate some form of quality assurance and quality control. Quality assurance can be achieved through incorporating a quality management system for the air barrier sub-trade. Quality control can be implemented before the first square-foot of air barrier is installed and then throughout the installation process.

Trust Verify

Ryan D

Ryan Dalgleish has been involved in building enclosure design for over 20 years, and has served on the board of local building enclosure chapter for 15 years. Ryan presents all over North America at various conferences and events in the areas of building science, Net Zero, Passive House and building enclosures. He is a Net Zero Building Instructor and Certified Adult Education Specialist from the University of Manitoba. Ryan acts as the Chief Operating Officer of the Air Barrier Association of America.


ABAA The Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) is a national, not-for-profit trade association that consists of a wide cross section of stakeholders in the building enclosure industry. Their membership, which is over 500 member companies, includes manufacturers, architects, engineers, trade contractors, researchers, testing and auditing agencies, consultants and building owners. The ABAA website is a great resource for specifiers when designing a building. The ABAA can assist you in reviewing your specifications and provide language to include requirements for the ABAA quality assurance program.
Originally published in December 2019