Acoustics Academy
Brought to you by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions

  6.5 AIA LU/HSW; 1 AIA LU/Elective

Architectural acoustics is specifically related to the interactions of sound both within and between architectural spaces. As the events of the past few years have shown us, designing comfortable, workable and livable indoor spaces across a range of applications is integral to the human experience. While acoustic design has long been a desired goal, the art and science of acoustics has taken on new and undisputed importance. With that in mind, as architects begin to develop alternative ways of seeing spaces that incorporate better indoor environmental quality, the range of acoustical designs and products has expanded to meet the moment. The Acoustics Academy provides a look at traditional acoustical choices as well as cutting-edge systems that seamlessly integrate with a new aesthetic. It explores how acoustical products can support sustainable spaces, meet occupant comfort and health needs, and rise to the design and performance goals owners, occupants, and architects are aiming to achieve. This academy illustrates how good acoustical design is a catalyst toward new and improved artful innovation within the built space.

Academy Courses
Managing Sound In the Wide Open Spaces
The Importance of Acoustic and Reverberation Control in Large Indoor Spaces
Success in the Classroom Starts with Sound
A thoughtful acoustic design is critical to educators and students
A New World of Acoustics
Current and emerging options offer architects and designers a broad range of choice
How to Specify Seamless Acoustical Ceilings
New options provide architects improved acoustics without sacrificing aesthetics
Inside Acoustic Comfort
The importance of acoustics on indoor environmental quality
Acoustic Design for Wellness in a Post-COVID World
Addressing growing noise challenges resulting from interior design changes due to the pandemic