Acoustics Academy
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  4.5 AIA LU/HSW; 4 AIA LU/Elective

Whether you are seeking a better understanding of acoustics for a new project or current methods and information for a robust acoustic design, the Acoustics Academy is a helpful resource to assist you with acoustic performance and noise control. You will learn about classic as well as emerging approaches of interest to architects and designers, including sustainable choices. Occupant acoustic well-being is increasingly a top priority in project design, and the Acoustic Academy presents methods, strategies, and examples of projects that have rose to the challenge of meeting occupant comfort as well as modern design and performance goals.

Earn 8.5 AIA LU (4.5 AIA LU/HSW; 4 AIA LU/Elective)

Academy Courses
Acoustic Design for Wellness in a Post-COVID World
Addressing growing noise challenges resulting from interior design changes due to the pandemic
Acoustics: An Important Design Consideration for All Projects
These projects showcase the benefits of focusing on acoustics.
Acoustics in Office Interiors
Learn about acoustic considerations and design choices for office space interiors
Putting People First
Create confidential spaces and take speech privacy to the next level
New Acoustical Options in Specialty and Seamless Ceiling Systems
Designing for acoustics no longer means sacrificing aesthetics
Performance Space Designs that Deserve a Standing Ovation
These projects show the many ways to approach acoustic design challenges.
Workplace Acoustics
Sounds Good! Architects designing open offices tackle the common annoyance of workplace noise.

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