Interiors Academy
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  3 AIA LU/HSW; 5 AIA LU/Elective

From contemporary aesthetic trends to indoor environments crafted with health, wellness, and comfort in mind, the design of interior spaces often takes into account how a particular setting is experienced by the people who use it. The courses of the Interiors Academy present a comprehensive look at approaches to interiors, with a special emphasis on paint, finishes, and color choices. You will learn about the latest technology around paints and coatings, the state of sustainability in the industry, and review many examples of innovative residential and commercial interiors from around the world.

Academy Courses
Three Approaches to Non-Residential Interior Design
A restaurant, a library and an office building and their unique interiors
The Science of Visible Light and Its Impact on Paint Specification
A foundational understanding of how artificial and natural lighting affect paint color
Great Design Begins with Color
Let’s discuss color and material choices in interior architectural design
Colored by Design
The use of color in architectural practice can set the tone for the entire project.
Designing for Life, From the Inside Out
These projects demonstrate a range of interior designs to meet modern lifestyles and needs.
Scuff-Resistant Paint: Long Term Durability, Low Maintenance
New technology addresses durability in commercial high-traffic environments