Exploring an Emerging Trend: What is Very Severe Hail?

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by FiberTite
Presented by Chris Meyer

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the what, where and why of Very Severe Hail (VSH): macro-market need, geographical implications, system requirements and what this all means to you.
  2. Explain the development of a standard: VSH test methods and approvals process.
  3. Explore system design and roofing success: why history of performance is critical in decision-making.
  4. Predict where VSH will go from here: how to navigate the evolution of the standards and system requirements.


This test is no longer available for credit

In the U.S., commercial and industrial insurer FM Global introduced the Very Severe Hail (VSH) impact-resistance classification in 2016 and it has since been gaining influence across the country. This classification is pushing the envelope for hail performance and could greatly impact product innovation and roof system designs.

With the implementation of this bold standard, everyone in the value-chain of commercial roofing needs to be equipped to answer seemingly simple questions: what is VSH and how do I choose the right resilient roof system to meet the standard’s requirements?

We will cover VSH classifications, geographical implications, test methods and considerations for choosing roof membranes and system design.

Chris Meyer is the Codes and Approval Specialist for FiberTite. In his role, he is responsible for leading and coordinating the codes, testing and compliance global strategy and processes, including strategic development, analyses, scheduling and execution of projects. Chris regularly works with various domestic and international building code and compliance entities and third-party testing certification laboratories to achieve and maintain building code approvals. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in history with a minor in political science from Ashland University and a Master of Science in management, strategy and leadership from Michigan State University. Chris has an OSHA 10-hour construction certification, chairs the Coated Films and Fabrics Association’s technical subcommittee and is an active member of the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Single-Ply Roofing Industry.


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Originally published in November 2020