Why Critical Facilities Depend on Resilient Roofs for Operational Security

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by FiberTite Roof Systems
Presented by Brock Martinez

Learning Objectives:

  1. Defining mission critical facilities: a spotlight on food processing, pharmaceutical/life sciences manufacturing verticals.
  2. Enhancing uptime and minimizing unanticipated costs: how your roof system can keep facility operations protected, covering the three R’s—redundancy, reliability and recovery.
  3. Cover the consequences of contamination: a look at FDA-regulated facilities and manufacturing best practices.
  4. Review: considering individual facility needs when selecting a roof system.



Critical facilities act as the spine of their organizations. Being able to conduct normal business operations requires that these facilities remain open and fully functional. Nearly half of all building-related problems can be traced back to water intrusion, which typically occurs through the roof: your building’s first line of defense.

Highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical/life sciences manufacturing and food processing, must maintain high-quality control standards, while implementing processes and systems that enhance operational uptime and minimize unnecessary or unanticipated costs. For critical facilities, the selection of a time-tested and resilient roof system is paramount in operational security.

Critical Facilities

Photo courtesy Maple Foods


Brock Martinez is a National Accounts Manager for FiberTite Roof Systems at Seaman Corporation. He previously served as an Associate Product Manager for FiberTite and gained a wealth of knowledge about the roofing industry. Prior to Seaman Corporation, Brock served as a sales consultant in the medical field. He graduated from Roanoke College with a Bachelor of Science and obtained a Master’s degree from James Madison University.


FiberTite Roofing Systems Since 1979, FiberTite, a roof system manufactured by Seaman Corporation for commercial facilities, has demonstrated unmatched resistance to puncture, tear, UV rays and chemicals. These characteristics boast FiberTite as one of the most resilient commercial roof systems in the industry, providing operational security to the world’s most powerful brands. The innovative, high performance coated fabric membrane has a unique, four-layer technology providing puncture, chemical, and ponding water resistance. Protecting critical facilities around the world, FiberTite understands that breaches of any kind are devastating to a business – but the cost of a leaking, punctured or failing roof can be disastrous. Selecting a roof system that meets strict codes and standards, keeps maintenance costs down and protects the equipment, products and people inside is an important decision. With proven fiber reinforcement for durability, proven formula for superior performance and a history of proven longevity; choose FiberTite and get peace of mind that you are working with the best.


Originally published in November 2021