Custom Home Academy
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  4.25 AIA LU/HSW; 4 AIA LU/Elective

Home is where the heart is. This has never been more true as the architecture and design community ensures that modern custom homes embody the hopes, dreams, and vision of residential clients who look to their homes for comfort and flexibility. The Custom Home Academy examines the many aspects of designing a unique residence, such as trends in home layout and ideas for contemporary kitchen and bath design. The courses of the Custom Home Academy explore single-family home design—for both new homes and renovations—and the importance of lighting, thermal comfort, outdoor space, accessibility, sustainability, and performance. With an ever-evolving world, especially given the pandemic, architects are being challenged to not only adapt to changing environments and design trends, but to an increasingly unpredictable human condition.

Academy Courses
Design Trends for Custom Homes: Form, Function and Flexibility
These unique projects embrace the latest residential trends, ensuring high-performance and beautiful...
Reimagining Residential Design: Solutions for Modern Custom Homes
A look at innovative and timeless design, highlighting the very best of recent residential architect...
Beyond Function: Designing with Exterior Glass Doors to Improve Well-Being
Current products offer exciting choices in design, style, and performance
Trends in Daylighting and Tunable Lighting
New strategies and technologies can bring health benefits to commercial and residential spaces
Kitchens and Baths: Good Design is Good Business
From London to California, these innovative kitchens and baths are awe inspiring
How Windows and Doors Can Make a House Feel Good
Designing a custom home that promotes occupant well-being includes specification of windows and door...