Oversized Glass: Understanding Process, Specification and Trends

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Define oversized glass.
  2. Understand how oversized glass is manufactured and fabricated for occupant safety.
  3. Identify opportunities to use oversized glass for larger access to views and to increase occupant well-being.
  4. List issues to consider when specifying oversized glass.


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Architects all over the world are building on an important trend: oversized glass. Advances in glass manufacturing and coating have made it possible to produce large sheets of glass with added performance benefits and wide aesthetic options. Large, uninterrupted expanses of glass can now enhance building performance, improve energy savings and amplify the occupant experience. The opportunity to maximize the value of glass is bigger than ever before.

This presentation will explore what makes oversized insulating glass units (IGUs) special. We’ll discuss the technology that enables oversized glass production and cover important technical considerations when incorporating oversized glass in designs. We’ll review performance possibilities as well as some amazing applications that have relevance and appeal. Architects will come away with an understanding of oversized glass and how to maximize its benefits in their projects. A quiz is provided to address the principles and concepts learned and allow the participant to earn 1 AIA LU/HSW credit.

Oversized Glass


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