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Evolution in products, strategies, and technologies has sparked a heightened recognition of the utility of glass in contemporary building design. From retail and workplaces to arts centers and high-end residences, glass has become integral to the architectural landscape, creating a light-filled, high-performing, and energy-efficient built environment. Coatings and insulating glass units effectively manage solar heat and reduce glare, improving overall energy performance. Technological advancements ensure facades and curtain walls appear seamless, serving as the first line of defense against severe weather and both natural and man-made disasters. With growing concerns about climate change, glass manufacturers are paving the way to reduce both occupied and embodied carbon emissions. They achieve this by producing energy-efficient glass products, adopting sustainable manufacturing processes, and promoting designs that enhance a building's overall sustainability. The Glass in Architecture Academy offers a comprehensive suite of courses and touchpoints for architects, allowing them to stay current with glass specification, manufacturing, and design. These courses and articles are specifically curated to address the evolving demands of performance in a changing world through the careful specification of glass.

Academy Courses
March 28, 2024 at 2:00 PM EDT
From Vision to Install
Creating solutions for the urban community through technology and planning
Bird-Friendly Design
Glass product solutions and other strategies for reducing bird collisions
Elevating Exterior Design with Glass and Glazing Solutions
High-performance glass facades offer aesthetic versatility and greater energy efficiency
High-Performance Glass for Sustainable Design
A comprehensive guide to understanding the benefits of and best practices for specifying high-perfor...

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Today’s buildings rarely serve a single purpose. From creating environments where people feel safe and can live their best lives, to surpassing the toughest energy standards, to inspiring with bold design, architects must balance many priorities. An in-depth understanding of the role fabrication plays in your commercial glass façade can inform your choices and help ensure you meet every objective.

From retail to government to living spaces, this course exposes the many creative ways glass has been used to meet the needs and requirements of a wide range of tenants and building owners. And, in comes cases studies just to provide a little fun.

A Guardian Glass expert explains each step of the heat-treated glass manufacturing process and shares key considerations for fabrication.

Most modern building façades incorporate vision glass and nearly opaque spandrel glass. Architects can use spandrel glass to conceal structural elements while creating a seamless building exterior, or to create a statement in contrast. A Guardian Glass expert explains different spandrel choices including ceramic frit, silicone opacification and Guardian® Deco HT® back-painted glass—and ways to style spandrel colors to work with low-E coatings and your vision.

In partnership with Guardian Glass, you can use heat-treated glass to achieve new levels of performance and strength.

Guardian SunGuard® SNR 43 offers privacy-enhancing reflectivity, exceptional solar control and stunning nighttime views.

How do you know if heat-strengthened or tempered glass is the best fit for your project? Watch a Guardian Glass expert explain how the two main types of heat-treated glass meet certain needs.

How will you keep your dream bathroom looking like new? Expert testing shows that ordinary glass and glass treated with sprays and wipe-on remedies becomes dull, foggy and virtually uncleanable after only six months. Guardian ShowerGuard® glass is permanently protected from hard water, heat, humidity, soap scum and cleaners. Developed by global glass leader, Guardian Glass, this advanced performance coating technology helps keep your bathroom glass looking like new. Stop looking for miracle glass cleaners. With ShowerGuard glass, you can solve the dirty-looking shower problem once and for all. Find a ShowerGuard glass dealer near you.

Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings offer a range of options for performance and style. Whether you seek a reflective aesthetic or a color neutral look, Guardian can help you achieve your goals.

As glass building trends go bigger and bolder, heat treating has never been more important. But with tempered safety glass, heat-strengthened glass and annealed glass, how do you know which is right for your project? A Guardian Glass expert explores heat treating options that respond to the trends, meet building codes and create a safe, comfortable indoor experience. In partnership with Guardian Glass, you can use heat-treated glass to achieve new possibilities.

The Guardian Glass portfolio includes tinted substrates you can choose to control the appearance and performance of glass. Pair tints with Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings to meet your vision for any application, in any region.

Learn how Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings use advanced double- and triple-silver technology to ensure views stay beautiful without sacrificing solar performance.