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The Authentic Architect

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Presented by Deborah Berke

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the ways in which Deborah Berke sees academia and professional life interacting in the world of architecture.
  2. Describe the ways in which the NXTHVN project sought to be an authentic part of the New Haven community.
  3. List some of the qualities Berke desires to see in her students at Yale and why.
  4. Explain how Berke sees setbacks and successes when it comes to becoming an architect.


0.5 AIA LU/Elective

Deborah Berke, of Deborah Berke Partners joins the Design.ED podcast to discuss authenticity in architecture, how her work as dean of Yale influences her practice, and the design process for NXTHVN—an adaptive reuse project for an up-and-coming artist in New Haven, Connecticut. She also discusses the importance of cultivating a good workplace culture in architectural firms, and encouraging students to understand the full process building, and how it impacts communities.

Museum of Contemporary Art

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Aaron Prinz is the host of the Design:ED Podcast and holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He was born and raised in the rural Northern California town of Red Bluff, just two hours south of the Oregon border. After one year of college, Prinz relocated to San Francisco to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. At age 26, he began studying architecture at Portland State University while interning at Studio Petretti Architecture led by Amanda Petretti. His professional contributions while at Studio Petretti were focused on a portion of the new Multnomah County Courthouse which is a prominent addition to the Portland skyline. He currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Roxanne where he continues to work as a designer.


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Originally published in Architectural Record
Originally published in December 2022