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Sustainability Academy

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The Sustainability and Healthy Materials Academy focuses on the increasing use of safe, eco-friendly materials within the larger tent of sustainable design within the sphere of residential, commercial and industrial applications. It explores environmental and aesthetic benefits, technical advances, code-compliance, as well as the inherent opportunities for using healthy materials and sustainability strategies to enhance not only aesthetics but the overall lifecycle and integrity of a given project. As innovative design solutions become increasingly critical in creating sustainable, cost-effective, modern structures, healthy, natural materials and products are seeing a renaissance for both their beauty and performance qualities.

Upon successful completion of the academy, participants will earn 8 AIA LU (6 AIA LU/HSW + 2 AIA LU) and a digital badge from Architectural Record recognizing and validating their accomplishment. Each course within the academy is accompanied by a quiz. Complete and pass each quiz to receive your credits, certificate of completion, and digital badge

Healthy Materials
Sweating the Small Stuff: Some molecules don’t belong in a building. Product transparency helps ar...
Sustainable Campus Development
Campuses Go Green: Colleges and universities take environmentally responsible design to new levels.
The Picture of Health
A new certification system for buildings places the occupant at the center of sustainable design.
Suite Life: Biophilic design and the hospitality sector are a natural fit.