Sustainability Academy
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  6 AIA LU/HSW; 2 AIA LU/Elective

The steps the building community takes today will dramatically affect our planet now and for future generations. With the worldwide push to reduce the effects of climate change in full swing, architects find themselves at the forefront of understanding and designing for sustainability in an increasing volatile world … and the stakes have never been higher. Architects, as community leaders and stewards of the environment, are rising to the challenge of designing to improve the lives of people, communities, as well as our planet itself—all while maintaining a project’s performance, economic, and design goals. To protect health, safety and welfare, architects strive to build healthier communities. Whether embracing pre-engineered solutions that reduce embodied carbon and increase energy efficiency, creating flexible programming to accommodate the impact of climate events, or specifying more sustainable materials to reduce a project’s carbon footprint, architects are in a unique position to lead the way to a healthier and more sustainable world.

Academy Courses
Less Is More Sustainable: Taking a Pre-engineered Approach to Reducing Embodied Carbon
Architects are embracing pre-engineered solutions that reduce embodied carbon and increase energy ef...
The Advantages of Drywall Grid
Why care about drywall grid on your project?
Negative Emissions
The Big Drawdown: Will removing carbon from the atmosphere save us? And how will buildings play a ro...
Pursuing a Circular Economy
Understanding how materials, design, and planning can increase sustainability
Vertical School Expansions
Nowhere to Go but Up: Schools on tight urban sites are raising the roof.