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Unique and Innovative Fire Rated Applications

Tim Nass, talks about the projects that have spurred unique and innovative fire rated glazing products to the market.
Sponsored by SAFTI FIRST Fire Rated Glazing Solutions
Speaker: Tim Nass, VP of Sales

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the history of fire rated glass from wired glass and ceramics to high performing, multi-functional fire rated glazing products
  2. Explain the difference between fire protective vs. fire resistive glazing products
  3. Examine how the architectural community's demand for large sizes, increased optical clarity, unobstructed views and thermal performance have shaped fire rated glazing product development through a project case study
  4. Discover the importance of multi-functional fire resistive glazing products providing additional performance features such as hurricane, blast, ballistic, forced entry and more through a project case study.



Architects have always pushed the limits of what building products can do, and fire rated glazing is no exception. In this podcast, Tim Nass, talks about the projects that have spurred unique and innovative fire rated glazing products to the market.

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Tim Nass has over 25 years of experience in the architectural glazing industry. As the Vice President of Sales at SAFTI FIRST, leading USA-manufacturer of fire rated glass and framing systems, he brings his extensive knowledge and expertise when working closely with architects, consultants, general contractors and glaziers to deliver a code-compliant glazing solution that meets all the aesthetic, performance and budget requirements of the project. Tim also oversees SAFTI FIRST’s global network of architectural sales representatives. Tim is a dynamic presenter and speaker who has been delivering our AIA-registered presentation to various architecture firms, AIA local chapters, CSI local chapters, at the CSI National Convention and other architectural and glazing industry events.

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Alex Bachrach has been publisher of Architectural Record since 2015, when BNP Media acquired the brand and all of its entities. He is also the publisher of Oculus, the journal of AIA NY, through a custom publishing partnership with the chapter. Prior to this role, Bachrach was the group publisher of flooring, stone and tile publications, organizing the Stone & Tile Pavilion at the AIA National Convention from 1995 through 2012 and co-sponsoring an AIA-accredited annual tour of Italian stone quarries and factories that offered 15 LUs annually for 15 years. Alex has been with BNP Media since 1994.


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Originally published in November 2020