Indoor Environmental Quality: Healthy Design Academy
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  8 AIA LU/HSW; 0 AIA LU/Elective

From personal health and well-being to widespread global concerns, such as the pandemic, climate change, and the recent uptick in natural disasters, indoor environmental quality is more important than ever. Architects and designers have a unique opportunity and obligation to be good stewards when it comes to smart strategies that address these issues. This academy provides a deep dive into protecting people, property, and community by designing buildings that enhance occupant comfort and health, as well as resilience and the health of our planet. Topics will include attention to acoustics, ventilation, natural air, natural light, views, and, of course, specifying clean, sustainable materials.

Academy Courses
A Holistic and Comprehensive Approach to Wellness
Theory and Practice Come Together in Design
Feel-Good Architecture Delivers Daylight and Views
Occupants feel good inside when they can see outside—these state-of-the-art projects illustrate ho...
Back to the Office: Making the Workspace Healthy and Appealing
How to improve worker satisfaction and productivity with enhanced indoor environmental quality
Healthy Design in a Post-COVID World: Clean Air & Wellness From the Top Down
Innovative ceiling systems can enhance the effectiveness of HVAC systems and contribute to healthy i...