Planning for Compressed Construction Timelines Post COVID-19

Advanced technologies that help project teams speed construction to meet owner’s timeline, budget and performance requirements
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Sponsored by Tremco Construction Products Group
Presented by Marcy Tyler

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify those areas on construction projects that are most likely to be constrained or susceptible to delays.
  2. Recognize technologies that can help speed and simplify construction practices and extend the construction season without compromising performance.
  3. Implement these technologies on specific projects by incorporating them into project documents.
  4. Describe the real-world, time- and cost-saving implications for these technologies as they relate to specific projects.


This test is no longer available for credit

You may have experienced delays on your construction project due to weather, supply issues or with the recent shutdowns due to COVID-19. But advanced technologies in the construction market are available to help get projects back on track when these delays occur—without compromising performance. In this course, we will examine specific product technologies and services that can help speed and simplify installation not only for projects that are in delay, but also for on-time projects to be completed early. This can have serious ramifications, for example, when it means a community can open a hospital several months earlier. The course will also discuss solutions available that can extend the construction season, allowing work to continue during inclement weather.

Compressed Timelines

Photo courtesy of Tremco


Currently the Director of Building Science for Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing division, part of the Tremco Construction Products Group, Marcy Tyler has worked in the commercial construction market for more than 15 years with a focus on the building facade. She has been on hundreds of jobsites, troubleshooting, training and providing product and system support. Marcy and her building science team engage with industry organizations, providing thought leadership centered around documented system performance for the entire building enclosure. They are also responsible for the Tremco Building Science Test Facility where the critical connection challenges of the enclosure can be evaluated. This facility allows for two-story air- and water-leakage performance testing of the assembly and soon will accommodate for thermal resistance. Marcy’s team really enjoys collaborating, working with industry leaders and stakeholders on solutions and validating them through performance testing. They invite you to reach out and let them know what challenges you are facing in your enclosure design.


Tremco Construction Products Group Tremco Construction Products Group represents the combined power of Dryvit, Nudura, Willseal and Tremco Incorporated’s Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing, Roofing & Building Maintenance and Tremco Barrier Solutions divisions, along with Weatherproofing Technologies (WTI) and Weatherproofing Technologies Canada.


Originally published in June 2020