Durability Academy
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  5 AIA LU/HSW; 1 AIA LU/Elective
As an abundant natural resource, stone has great potential in a world that needs innovation now more than ever. Stone wool insulation is a durable technology that meets the requirements for the International Building Code’s (IBC) non-combustible materials. The process of spinning molten volcanic rock at 1500 C into fibers leads to a strong material that features outstanding thermal, fire and acoustic properties. This academy focuses on how rock wool provides solutions for energy efficiency, sound absorption and fire safety in a time of increasing concerns about climate change and in pandemic-informed environments where occupant mental and physical health are of the highest priority.
Academy Courses
Designing Durable Building Enclosures
Emerging design strategies for high-performance buildings
Balancing Fire and Energy Code Requirements in Exterior Walls
Exploring options for exterior wall designs with insulation that is consistent with codes and the te...
Keeping the Flame Away
How fire-resistant stone wool provides occupant safety
Stone Wool
How natural materials provide durability
The Sound of Comfort
How stone wool can support occupant well-being through better acoustics
Climate Control and Efficiency
The true value of R-value in stone wool insulation