Sustainable Extruded Aluminum Trim Profiles Deliver Aesthetics and Durability

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Karin Tetlow
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Panel inside corner

One manufacturer has patented a design that duplicates the look of a wood corner piece. It can be used with panel siding.

Drawings provided by Tamlyn

Inside corner extruded aluminum batten eliminates the need for a wood corner piece.

Panel Vertical Reveal

Designed for wood and steel stud construction the aluminum trim provides a reveal for both plank lap and panel siding. The reveal also serves as rustproof flashing between planks and panels. Plank and panel reveals should not be used for horizontal joints.

Drawings provided by Tamlyn

Typical dimensions for plank vertical reveal. Dimensions for panel vertical reveal are slightly smaller.

Panel Open Outside Corner

Extruded aluminum open corner profile offers an alternative to the more familiar closed corner trim. It can be used with both plank and panel siding.

Drawings provided by Tamlyn

Panel open outside corner. Dimensions of trim used with panel siding are slightly smaller than those used with plank siding.

Panel Bullnose Outside Corner

This profile solves trim issues when vertical siding has multiple pitches, as, for example, with the installation of a bay window. It can be used with both panel and plank siding.

Panel bullnose outside corner profile is useful for trimming siding with different pitches.

Drawings provided by Tamlyn


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