Daylighting Academy
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  5 AIA LU/HSW; 3 AIA LU/Elective
Phipher Draper

Daylighting is an important consideration when designing buildings and shaping communities. Recent research has linked exposure to natural light with increased creativity, productivity, and overall satisfaction in work and education environments. The challenge becomes balancing this aesthetic in a sustainable and cost-effective way. The Daylighting Academy explores the design opportunities available using natural light and shading systems to meet building performance goals that are more and more focused on occupant comfort and energy savings.

Earn 8 AIA LU (5 AIA LU/HSW and 3 AIA LU/Elective).

Academy Courses
Understanding the Benefits of Interior and Exterior Shading Systems
Innovations and options in contemporary shading systems help create productive and healthy interior ...
Building-Integrated Shading
Beyond Sun Block: Innovative shading solutions not only provide protection but further architectural...
Reflections on Daylight
Design teams capture the unique qualities of sunlight employing innovative solutions that fulfill su...

Academy Resources

Editorial Resources

Berkeley Lab building scientists show there’s savings to be wrung even from modern office buildings.

Christina Nunez

Innovative lighting and shading solutions are applicable to virtually all commercial buildings.

Daylighting the New York Times Headquarters Building: Final Report: Commissioning Daylighting Systems and Estimation of Demand Response

Lee, ES, Hughes, GD, Clear, RD, Fernandes, LL, Kil

This source book gives a comprehensive overview of innovative daylighting systems, the performance parameters by which they are judged, and an evaluation of their energy savings potential and user acceptance. 

International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating an

A guide to essential window design issues, technologies, and applications for designers, specifiers, and builders.

John Carmody, Stephen Selkowitz, Eleanor S. Lee, D

The Facade Design Tool lets you choose the design conditions of a window and rank and compare the performance data in terms of annual energy, peak demand, carbon, daylight illuminance, glare, and thermal comfort.

Websites, guidelines, and organizations

This web site provides critical information and performance data on the energy efficiency, interior environment, and technical considerations that influence window design decisions.

Draper, Inc. Resources

An overview of the benefits of designing a space with ample views and daylight, the challenges this presents, and how motorized shading can help solve these issues.

The Levi and Catharine Coffin State Historic Site in Fountain City, Indiana, had a sunlight problem.

This beautiful facade features unique angles and breaks in the glass. The problem was finding any solar shading that would work.