Hard Walls, High Style

Decorative protection panels bring style, durability, resiliency, and safety to commercial settings
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By Kathy Price-Robinson

Writable Laminates

Writable laminates have many uses in the commercial and health-care fields. In a nurses’ station, for instance, laminates that can be written on can become the center of communication for the caregivers, where clear communications can be a life and death matter. In patient rooms, writable walls can also enhance communications between various health-care specialists that visit during the day. The walls can also serve as a communication tool and mood brightener with messages left by visiting family and friends. In a restaurant kitchen, a writable wall can contain a running list of supplies needed or clearly indicate the tasks for the day. The same could be said for a retail store’s back room. The following case study shows how writable walls brought value to a design firm’s office.

Writable laminates foster better communications in health-care settings.

Custom Laminates

Custom laminates for vertical applications tap into designer creativity and solve many problems, from creating a unique environment to supporting client branding. Custom laminates can be based on an original design, photograph, painting, or any other artwork.


The need for durable design and interiors makes decorative protection panels a good option for many commercial and public spaces, including restaurants, schools, museums, public buildings, offices, and more. While standard laminates are based on a Kraft paper core, these upgraded panels contain a fiberglass core. Rigorous testing results indicate these protection panels are indeed more resistant to impacts. Other types of panels are available for vertical surfaces, including metal laminates, write-upon surfaces, and custom laminates. Each has its own qualities to increase a project’s appeal and functionality. As a final consideration, the designer is wise to specify all surfacing products, from walls to countertops to backsplashes, from the same manufacture to ensure the seamless coordination of colors and patterns. With the correct specification, projects with these specialty panels are sure to bring positive attention to both the business and designer.


Formica Group Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide. As the world’s largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL), ongoing product design and development process underscores the Formica Group commitment to innovation.


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Originally published in January 2020