Promoting Sustainable Design Through Life-Cycle Assessment Applications

LCA software, in conjunction with BIM, provides greater ease in creating high-quality, environmentally responsible design
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By Robyn M. Feller
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Case Studies

The following section provides examples that illustrate the importance of LCA, demonstrate that top architectural firms are using LCA on major projects, and highlight the magnitude of benefits realized from LCA, particularly with the use of BIM-integrated life-cycle analysis tools.


The bottom line is that people are beginning to realize that environmental impacts do not come from operations alone. As the value of LCA in the context of sustainable building practices is becoming more widely acknowledged, architects need to find the tools and resources to conduct analyses throughout the entire life cycle of a project in order to gain the greatest benefit for both the owner and the environment as a whole. If there’s one takeaway from the lessons of this course, it is the imperative architects have to influence their clients, staff, or students to care about LCA.


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Robyn M. Feller is a freelance writer and editor specializing in the architecture, design, and construction industry.

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