Energy Analysis and Modeling Tools for Architects

This Live Event happened on February 16, 2018 (7:00PM - 7:00PM EST)

Through prepared, modeled examples, instructors will provide a hands-on, practical understanding of current energy modeling programs, workflows and analyses for project design team members. Analyses will include early design sensitivity studies, later design analyses that support proposals to clients, energy modeling for LEED, and code compliance modeling. Participants will learn and apply early design workflows that provide performance feedback for projects that seek to meet and exceed minimum energy code requirements.

Participants will receive in-depth presentation, demonstration, and hand’s-on experience with common climate and early energy analysis methods used by leading architects today, including:

  • Why we energy model.
  • Navigating the “world of metrics” and choosing the right study for the right purpose (pre-design brainstorming, early-design sensitivity analysis, making a case to a client, and marketing a design to the public).
  • How to interpret the climate into useful design criteria. Overview of common climate graphics/studies and their purpose.
  • Hand’s-on climate graphic generation.
  • Design Exercise – Analyze Building Massing
  • Introduction to Customized Energy Studies – The Tool(s) vs. The Toolkit
  • Overview of basic energy modeling principles and interpreting common energy modeling graphics.
  • Building a Test Box Energy Model
  • Walkthrough of additional examples with Q & A (including the generation of graphics for client meetings and marketing to the public).
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