Innovative Prefabricated Systems Meet Challenges of Unique Designs and Sustainability

Through technological advancements in concrete building systems including modeling, modular forming, 3D printing, finishing techniques, unitization, and safety, attendees will learn how to address unique design challenges.

Through these innovative approaches, efficient building designs can meet sustainability goals. Architects and engineers in pursuit of healthier construction materials can utilize the material transparency provided by product declarations to analyze material options used in prefabricated concrete building systems to make informed building material choices that have a positive impact on our environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review current prefabricated concrete system means and methods to meet unique design challenges. Understand how to realize design goals with cutting-edge forming and finishing techniques.
  2. Learn about the recent advancements in the technology of concrete, and discover how research of new materials and methods for carbon reduction can assist designers in making informed decisions in the building product selection.
  3. Learn about new lightweight unitized systems, which expand the pallet of options for design teams.
  4. Illustrated through a range of project case studies, see how the prefabrication of unitized façade systems helped project teams obtain their design goals while maintaining budgets.

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