Expanding Design Opportunities and Functions with Adjustable Concealed Hinges

Adjustable concealed hinges elevate modern and contemporary wall and door opening design, without sacrificing functionality. Determining the right type of hinge rests in the function of the door. Multiple factors of consideration vary from frequency of door use to composition, weight, height, and structure of the door. Additional consideration must be made for load capacity, and special applications such as fire doors, cladding, hidden frames, and power supplies. Technological advances allow adjustable concealed door hinges to support weights exceeding 650 lbs. and can be used for fire doors up to 180 minutes, allowing more flexibility with sleek, flush designs in nearly all applications with functionality being the most significant factor. Adjustable concealed hinges support ideal design in luxury condos, apartments, hotels and prolifically designed residences. In order to maintain the functionality of a door opening, adjustability is an important factor.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the way new hinge technology allows for a broad range of options in concealed door hardware.
  2. Identify how proper hinge installation and adjustments can provide the best results and safety for occupants.
  3. Explain how load capacity, height/width ratio, and weight factor into specifying the right hinge.
  4. Describe how concealed hinges can be utilized in a wide range of applications and improve the design.
  5. Discuss special applications for hinges, such as fire doors and power transfer to a door panel.

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