Sustainable Design uses for Large Opening Wall Systems

Sustainable Design uses for Large Opening Wall Systems will focus on defining both folding and sliding operable walls, typical usage, operation animations and material options. Learn how independent tests verify the wall systems resistance against the elements, protection from hurricanes and the impact of fresh air & daylight for building occupants. Participants who embrace NanaWall's opening glass wall technology will be able to provide beautifully designed spaces that connect the indoors and outdoors while continuing to meet demanding performance requirements. Develop fresh ideas by viewing imaginative new applications in an ever increasing market place that have blurred the lines between landscape and living space.

Learning Objectives

  1. Familiarize architects with the definitions, capabilities, and usages of large moveable glass wall systems.
  2. Illustrate how large operable glass walls can be an integral part of GREEN/Sustainable design both in form and function.
  3. Provide answers on how large operable glass walls can improve the health, safety and welfare of home owners.
  4. Demonstrate new and innovative ideas to take into the design process for single family homes, multi-family homes, and other residential applications, and to help you through that process.

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