Fire and Sound in Multifamily Floors

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by USG Corporation
Presented by Alex MacDonald

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how to correctly design a floor/ceiling assembly that meets the UL requirements for a fire rating.
  2. Identify the three most common construction mistakes that cause a properly floor/ceiling assembly to lose its fire rating.
  3. Define the key factors in a floor/ceiling assembly that must be included in order to meet Section 1207 for STC and IIC sound transmission.
  4. Describe the various methods available to improve STC and IIC sound transmission beyond the building code minimum.


AAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
AANB 1 Hour of Core Learning
AAPEI 1 Structured Learning Hour
SAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
MAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
NSAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
OAA 1 Learning Hour
NLAA 1 Hour of Core Learning
NWTAA 1 Structured Learning Hour
This course can be self-reported to the AIBC, as per their CE Guidelines.

This presentation will take the confusion out of UL floor/ceiling assemblies. Included will be some history of UL assemblies and recommendations of critical details that often get overlooked. If not implemented correctly, these details could cost you the required UL fire rating. We will provide insight about how insulation can be helpful for sound but ultimately harm your fire rating.

There are many ways to improve sound transmission in floors for STC and IIC. The presentation will cover many options and provide the latest sound-reducing methods as well as the costs associated with the various options.

Fire and Sound in Multifamily Floors Course image

Image courtesy of USG

Darren Perry

Alex MacDonald has been with USG for 30 years, and his expertise is UL fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies. He has helped USG launch demountable wall systems, roof cover boards, structural cement boards, gypsum underlayments with sound mats, and waterproof shower systems. Alex has given more than 300 technical presentations to architects, owners, contractors, building code officials, and engineers. He was also a keynote speaker at the National Home Builder Show in 2017. Throughout his career, Alex has covered all 50 states. He is currently based in Alabama and covers the Southeast for the USG floor preparation products, including moisture mitigation, self-leveling underlayments with sound mats, and the waterproof shower system. Alex has helped architects and owners save time and money in meeting the code for fire and sound. He has assisted architects in getting UL Engineering Evaluation Letters that are equivalent to a job-specific UL fire rating. These are for floor/ceiling assemblies where no fire test exists.

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