Building the future on wood

How wood helps harness climate change and improve occupant well-being
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Learning Objectives:

  1. List some ways mass timber construction could drive sustainable forest management.
  2. Explain how wood design impacts occupant well-being.
  3. Describe how wood stores carbon and what that means for mass timber construction.
  4. Discuss what makes wood a renewable construction material.


This course is part of the The Wood Structures Academy

Climate change is an imminent threat to humanity and construction is one of the biggest problems when it comes to CO2 emissions. To decarbonize the built environment, architects are focusing on wood to address the problem. This requires a full sustainable life cycle analysis taking into account everything from timber harvesting to looking at what happens to a building at the end of its life. This course explores how sustainability timber construction can lead to better sustainability, while also providing the kind of well-being occupants are looking for in their living environment.


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Originally published in October 2021