Panelization of CFS Assemblies

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by SFIA
Presented by Jose Estrada

Learning Objectives:

  1. Express the sustainable attributes of cold-formed steel framing.
  2. Envision the many types of buildings that can utilize panels framed with cold-formed steel components.
  3. Exemplify the many benefits of cold-formed steel framed panels versus assemblies that are ‘stick-built’ on site.
  4. Expound on the cold-formed steel panelization process from plant to finished installation.


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This course will explore prefabrication of cold-formed steel framed assemblies for use in all types of construction projects. Participants will gain an understanding of the many forms these panel systems take in today’s projects. Sustainability attributes of cold-formed steel framing will be described as well as the advantages that using CFS panels have over assemblies that are erected on site. Further exploration will be into how the panels interact with other building systems. The program will cover the panelization process from factory to installations with illustrated examples.

Photo credit: South Valley Drywall

Jose Estrada is currently Manager of Architectural Services/East for the Steel Framing Industry Association. He has also held various positions with USG on its Technical Solutions, Building Code Compliance, Product Marketing and Business Development teams. Interacting with architects, engineers and contractors, he has provided them with design and construction solutions related to gypsum systems, suspension systems, cement board applications and structural solutions. Jose is known as a trusted advisor to key stakeholders ranging from corporate owners to key decision makers throughout the built environment production chain. He has an extensive knowledge of building codes and regulatory requirements, with a strong background in life safety, fire containment, and interior finish system design. Jose collaborates with architects, engineers, and contractors to develop and refine design and construction systems in all areas related to aesthetic, acoustical, structural, and fire-resistance rated solutions. He is focused on lean construction methods, as well as offsite and job site efficiency practices. Jose Estrada holds an Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) The SFIA represents more than 1,300 members, including steel mills, coil coaters, processors, roll-formers, fabricators, engineers, material distributors and framing contractors. Its 28 Stud Manufacturer and 8 Contractor/Manufacturer members produce nearly 80 percent of the cold-formed steel stud and track used in the United States. SFIA promotes using cold-formed steel framing, advocates pro-industry codes and standards, conducts seminars and supports competitiveness through innovation. SFIA provides statistical and trend data for the industry regarding steel usage and nonresidential construction.


Originally published in March 2021