Multi-Story Building Systems and Selection Criteria

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Sponsored by New Millennium Building Systems
Presented by Alex Therien, Market Development Manager

Learning Objectives:

  1. Name the three long-span composite floor systems and describe their distinguishing characteristics.
  2. Specify the best system for a project based on an assessment of that project’s key design criteria.
  3. Identify the main resources used to guide system selection, including engineering standards, design guidelines, and manufacturers’ tables.
  4. Explain why early collaboration with suppliers is key to the system selection process and how it impacts a project’s construction efficiency.


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This course outlines the attributes, functions, benefits, limits, and acoustic qualities of composite deck slabs. It reviews the three primary types of composite systems that represent the full range of long-span composite floor systems and examines the criteria for their selection, design, and engineering. In addition, it provides a comprehensive range of industry standards and resources that a designer could consult to ensure, at a minimum, compliance with all building regulations and industry standards.

New Millenium

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Alex Therien, is a licensed architect, a member of the AIA, and LEED Accredited Professional that has been practicing for more than 15 years. Alex has taught courses on construction detailing and works with project teams in schematic design on Long-span Composite Floor Systems and Architectural Deck applications in a wide range of building types. He assists throughout the design and construction phases with architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators.


New Millennium Building Systems Achieve architectural visions. Solve engineering challenges. Realize project goals. Your success begins with the selection of the right steel building system. We have the expertise to help you determine the optimal structural steel building system for your application. From steel joists and deck to long-span composite floor systems, we engineer and manufacture solutions that control costs, enhance performance and ensure project success. Together, let’s build it better.


Originally published in October 2021