Architectural Record BE - Building Enclosure

Built-In Refrigeration

This course is no longer active
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Continuing Education

Learning Objectives - After this course, you should be able to:

  1. %IExplain the basic steps in the refrigeration cycle.
  2. %IDescribe the key components of Built-In Refrigerators
  3. %IDiscuss how Built-In Refrigerators compare to Free-Standing Refrigerators in four key areas
  4. %IDescribe at least two key strategies that allow Built-In Refrigerators to “blend-in” with kitchen cabinetry
  5. %IExplain the difference between “integrated” and “fully integrated” installations


Built-In Refrigerators continue to evolve - both technologically and aesthetically. This course begins with a look at recent advances that have improved the technical and environmental performance of refrigerators. Next, the course reviews the key differences between Built-In and Free-Standing Refrigerators and describes what to look for in a high performance unit. The course concludes with a detailed discussion of design considerations that can help optimize the selection and installation of Built-In Refrigerators.