Retrofit Roof Systems

Review the opportunities, options, and advantages—and requirements of successful retrofit systems
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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by MBCI
Presented by Ken Buchinger

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the various applications related to retrofitting existing and new buildings with metal framing and roofing material, as well as the attributes leading to economical and sustainability benefits.
  2. Describe the sustainable elements involved in adding a cool roof on a metal framing system to shade the existing structure and add insulation to increase overall building energy efficiency.
  3. Examine the proper design and layout of retrofit framing systems to ensure existing structural systems are loaded properly, and review recommended testing methods to determine if the existing building is a viable candidate for retrofit.
  4. Identify the importance of a proper plan and the role that expertly detailed bid documents play in a successful project, as well as what to inspect and survey prior to starting a project.



This course defines retrofit roofing systems and will review the opportunities, options and advantages—particularly when coupled with metal roof materials—and requirements of successful retrofit systems. The primary intent of this webinar is to provide fundamental knowledge of retrofitting existing buildings. Having this understanding will assist the design professional in the preparation of bid documents (plans and specifications) that will result in comparable bids. A properly prepared set of bid documents will narrow the competitiveness of manufacturers submitting proposals and ensure the building owners and design professional that the project is constructed in accordance with good structural engineering practices. The key benefits are what makes retrofit so inviting to an owner. With reduced maintenance expenses and improved energy efficiency, the project can begin returns on investment on day one.

Retro Roof Systems


Prior to joining the company in 1988, Ken Buchinger erected metal buildings, architectural roofing systems and structural steel for 13 years. He is the Senior Field Technician for MBCI and has also held other roles including vice president of corporate warranties and general manager of MBCI technical services for Houston-based NCI Building Systems. Ken has been with the company for 30 years and is responsible for product testing, improvements, and development of new products and creating/updating all the panel installation manuals. He is actively involved in several trade associations and has written numerous articles for various trade magazines and gives presentations for various organizations.


MBCI MBCI is the leading manufacturer of metal roof and wall systems. Product solutions include both single skin and insulated metal roof and wall panels and retrofit solutions.