High-Performance Building Exterior Continuous Insulation – Part 2 of 2

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine the importance of thermal control for high-performance commercial buildings.
  2. Apply the fundamental building science behind thermal control and continuous exterior insulation.
  3. Explain alternate approaches to exterior insulation and know which insulation materials are appropriate for each.
  4. Identify thermal bridging elements during design and understand common solutions.


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Effective thermal performance is replacing simple R-values in modern, high-performance commercial buildings. For most buildings, continuous exterior insulation will be the new normal. This presentation will help you understand thermal control fundamentals, changing codes and standards, and how to detail enclosures with continuous exterior insulation. You will come away with solutions to problematic thermal bridges and an understanding of how higher levels of thermal control affect enclosure design.

Part 2


Dörken Systems Inc. Dörken Systems Inc. manufactures high-performance air and moisture barriers for above and below grade walls in residential and commercial applications. Our superior products protect structures from the foundation to the roof, for a continuous, high-performance enclosure. We use cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions to moisture management problems under the DELTA® brand. All our products integrate perfectly into LEED®, Net Zero, Passive House, and other green building programs.


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