Architectural Record BE - Building Enclosure

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From 40G to 400G
Is the Sky the Limit in Data Centers?
Sponsored by Belden
Sponsored by Master Wall Inc.® and Omega Products International
Understanding Code-Compliant Integrated Ceiling Solutions
Using modern ceiling installation systems to meet design intent, IBC code requirements, and constru...
Sponsored by Armstrong Commercial Ceiling Solutions
Acoustical Control in Buildings
Mitigating sound transfer between spaces through design, details, and insulating materials
Sponsored by CertainTeed Insulation
Sponsored by Duravit USA, Inc.
Multi-Slide Glass Doors
Bringing indoors and outdoors together through design and performance
Sponsored by LaCantina Doors
Bathroom Fixtures as Furniture
High quality products contribute to better bathroom designs that meet current trends
Sponsored by Duravit USA, Inc.
Moisture Management in Masonry Buildings
Unitized flashing provides an integrated design solution
Sponsored by Mortar Net® USA, Ltd.
The Design Advantages of Lightweight Wood Panels
Advanced engineering and smart manufacturing have combined to radically expand the flexibility, dura...
Sponsored by Think Lightweight Corp.
Energy-Efficient Automatic Sliding Doors
High performance achieved through design
Sponsored by STANLEY Access Technologies
Envelope-Based Solutions for Metal Buildings
Using the right tools can help maintain value while meeting the challenges of increasingly restricti...
Sponsored by Metallic Building Company
Modern Masonry Using Pre-blended Mortar
Blending and certification in the factory overcomes field mix uncertainties
Sponsored by Echelon™ Masonry by Oldcastle