Building for Now, Building for the Future

The pandemic has created challenges for construction projects throughout the world, with mass labor shortages, and an increased demand for building. As designers and builders work to keep their projects on time and on budget, innovative technologies are rising to the occasion. Enhanced concrete is an array of artful technologies that can help accelerate projects while still meeting or exceeding performance standards. Additionally, it provides one more tool in the toolbox for designers to look beyond the basics of concrete and find inspiration in the variety of colors, textures, and other design properties enhanced concrete can provide.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe types of enhanced concretes and the materials and processes used to manufacture them.
  2. Explain the design benefits of enhanced concretes when it comes to architectural aesthetics and structural optimization.
  3. Discuss the construction efficiency benefits of enhanced concretes.
  4. List eight types of enhanced concretes and how they benefit each project.

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1 AIA LU/Elective