Porous Paving

This course is designed to provide information on all types of porous pavements, including their differences, similarities, maintenance plans, and general benefits. By course completion, the learner should be equipped to decide which porous paving systems are best suited for their projects based on cost, maintenance, aesthetics, ease of installation, functionality, and municipal requirements. This course will also teach you how to calculate LEED points for their projects through the benefits of porous paving.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define and describe the properties of Porous Paving.
  2. Assess when to use various applications of porous paving.
  3. Differentiate the different types of Porous Paving by cost, aesthetics, functionality, maintenance, ease of installation and municipal requirements.
  4. Explain how to calculate municipal requirements and LEED points.

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1 AIA LU/Elective