Spray-Applied Glass Fiber Insulation

Thanks to the recent launch of the USGBC Center for Green Schools in October 2010, as well as the unfortunate curbing of education funds, there has been a greater emphasis on developing effective models for sustainable, energy-saving public schools in districts around the country. Learn how architects are achieving these goals through resourceful case studies that include both new construction and renovation/addition projects in urban and suburban contexts. Issues of budget, design, materials, adaptive reuse, processes, neighborhood engagement, and attaining LEED for Schools or the equivalent will all be addressed during the topical presentations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how spray-applied glass fiber insulation components offer health benefits for building occupants.
  2. Discuss the thermal, acoustic, and air quality performance provided by spray-applied glass fiber and identify situations where this product adds value to a project.
  3. Define possible LEED credits and environmental credentials of both glass fiber and binder.
  4. Compare the benefits of spray-applied glass fiber against other product applications on the market, including benefits and considerations in installation, safety, and fire ratings and compliance.

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