Spray-Applied Glass Fiber Insulation

Learn how spray-applied glass fiber insulation can offer solutions for your hard to insulate areas. Used both as a highly effective thermal insulation and acoustic treatment, spray-applied glass fiber insulation can be applied to almost any surface configuration, allowing for greater design flexibility. Made with a high recycled post-consumer and post-manufacturer glass content, this product will contribute to LEED points in many ways. With low VOC’s, and as an inorganic, non-combustible material, it adds to occupant safety and health in several ways. This course will provide an overview of the properties and uses of spray-applied glass fiber insulation, and advantages over other available products.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how spray-applied glass fiber insulation components offer health benefits for building occupants.
  2. Discuss the thermal, acoustic, and air quality performance provided by spray-applied glass fiber and identify situations where this product adds value to a project.
  3. Define possible LEED credits and environmental credentials of both glass fiber and binder.
  4. Compare the benefits of spray-applied glass fiber against other product applications on the market, including benefits and considerations in installation, safety, and fire ratings and compliance.

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