Manufacturer of floor, structural, aerospace and specialty coatings, CFI offers its resinous floor coatings in nearly 50 different systems, including thin film, metallic and broadcast quartz, sand and flake floor coatings. Its complete line includes concrete sealers, repair products, urethane concrete, and anti-slip coatings. Serving other industries, CFI manufactures ceramic, conductive, dry film lubes, flexible urethane, phenolic, polyurethane dispersions and heat-resistant coatings to 2000°F (1093°C) sold for multiple industrial applications. Sealers and primers are available for all CFI coatings. The company serves the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation automotive, food processing, healthcare, and other industries. Its Alseal line of coatings are specified by virtually all turbine engine manufactures for power generation and flight engine applications. The company has been formulating products for more than 50 years and produces all of its coatings under its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

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