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Hospitable Healthcare Spaces
These innovative and welcoming medical facility projects move beyond conventional healthcare design
Sponsored by ROCKFON
Healthcare Environments Are Looking Up
The role of ceiling system specifications in enhancing health, well-being, and comfort
Sponsored by ROCKFON
Stone Wool Ceiling Tiles in Healthcare
High-performance ceilings’ role in helping deliver resilient buildings and healthy spaces
Sponsored by Rockfon
Hearing the Future
The role of stone wool acoustical tiles for innovative IEQ design
Sponsored by Rockfon
Sound Experiences in Buildings
Using principles of acoustics in products and materials for better designs.
Sponsored by Construction Specialties, Inc., PABCO® Gypsum, and Rockfon
Designing Breathable Interiors: Enhancing Health and Wellness Through Indoor Air Quality
Addressing the impacts of indoor air quality (IAQ) on occupants’ well-being and the creative ways ...
Sponsored by ROCKFON
Blueprint for Wellness: Building for Good Health
Incorporating healthy building and sustainable practices is at the heart of good design
Sponsored by Rockfon
Prioritizing Well-Being for a Healthier Built Environment
These projects show what can happen with a focus on well-being
Sponsored by ROCKFON
Updated School Design in a Post-Pandemic World
Strategies for addressing ongoing and emerging needs
Sponsored by ASI Group, Bradley Corp., Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US, NanaWall Systems, and Rockfon
Using the Healing Effects of Nature in Healthcare Design
These projects use access to nature as part of the healing process
Sponsored by ROCKFON
Making Healthcare Buildings Healthier
Taking care of those who work and use healthcare facilities.
Sponsored by ROCKFON