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Green Building and Wood Products
Increasing recognition of wood’s environmental advantages
Sponsored by reThink Wood
Designing for High Winds
Wood is a proven choice for wind-resistive construction
Sponsored by reThink Wood
Designing for Fire Protection
Expanding the possibilities of wood design
Sponsored by reThink Wood, the American Wood Council and U.S. WoodWorks
Wood and Indoor Environment
Creating beneficial spaces for living, working, well-being
Sponsored by reThink Wood
School Hallway Lockers Made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
New fire code-approved HDPE plastic lockers provide green school advantages
Sponsored by Scranton Products
Improving Concrete Durability with Crystalline Technology
Creating concrete that is inherently waterproof and more sustainable
Sponsored by XYPEX Chemical Corp.
Western Red Cedar
A proven material offers sustainable warmth for contemporary architecture
Sponsored by WRCLA: Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
Design to Protect
Fenestration systems for extreme threat resistance
Sponsored by Ross Technology
First Impressions
The latest in glass, aluminum, aluminum composite, structural steel, and wood present an extensive d...
Sponsored by Cladiators; CRL-U.S. Aluminum; EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.; Longboard® Products a Division of Mayne Coatings Corp.; New Millennium Building Systems; Prodema; TAMLYN; TILE EZE; and W&W Glass, LLC
Suite Life: Biophilic design and the hospitality sector are a natural fit.
Sponsored by Architectural Record
Lifelong Housing
Strategies for aging in place through all periods of life from millennials through retirees
Sponsored by Whirlpool Corporation
Designing with Concrete in the 21<sup>st</sup> Century
Some architects have defined their careers by combining this versatile construction material with mo...
Sponsored by Vectorworks, Inc.
Understanding Anchorage Systems for Natural Stone Cladding
Knowing how anchorage systems work, their main components, and the difference in system types is cri...
Sponsored by MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute
December 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM EST
Sponsored by Huber Engineered Woods LLC
Design Strategies for Optimal Well-Being in Health Care Environments
Improving the patient, visitor, and caregiver experience through innovative and flexible design solu...
Sponsored by AD Systems, Metl-Span, and The Sherwin-Williams Company
Mitigating Water Leaks around Windows in Wood Framed Walls
Flashing solutions to avoid common leak paths
Sponsored by Huber Engineered Woods, Inc.