Planning the Metropolis in Latin America, 1830-1930

This Live Event happened on February 19, 2018 (7:00PM - 7:00PM EST)

In the context of the exhibition The Metropolis in Latin America, 1830-1930, opening at the Americas Society on March 21st, co-curators Idurre Alonso and Maristella Casciato, as well as architecture scholars Diana Agrest, Luis Carranza, and Patricio del Real, will examine the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century urban growth in main cities in Latin America. The panel will examine how urban and sociopolitical events reshaped the architectural landscape of key colonial cities, converting them into bustling metropolises. The speakers will focus on the urban transformations and the work of several architects in cities such as Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico City, addressing at the same time the impact of the emergence of a bourgeois elite, the building of infrastructure projects, and rapid industrialization.


Patricio del Real, Assistant Professor, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University
Luis E. Carranza, Adjunct Associate, Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Columbia University
Diana Agrest, FAIA, Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union
Maristella Casciato, Senior Curator of Architectural Collections, Getty Research Institute
Idurre Alonso, Associate Curator of Latin American Collections, Getty Research Institute

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