Solutions for Large Openings for Educational Institutions

“Solutions for Large Openings for Educational Institutions” will present the information you need to confidently incorporate operable glass walls into new-build and renovated schools from K-12 and higher education learning environments. You will learn the differences between folding and single track sliding wall systems and how and where they are used. Learn how independent tests verify the impact of fresh air and daylight in classrooms for students including improved health, attentiveness, learning capacity, and attendance. View imaginative new applications in all aspects of Educational Architecture including an in-depth analysis of the “Flex-Space” concept that creates positive multi-use learning modules within a classroom.

Learning Objectives

  1. Familiarize architects with the definitions, capabilities, and usages of large moveable glass wall systems.
  2. Illustrate how large operable glass walls can be an integral part of GREEN/Sustainable design both in form and function.
  3. Provide answers on how large operable glass walls can improve the health, safety and welfare of teachers and students.
  4. Demonstrate new and innovative ideas, such as flex space and collaborative learning environments to take into the design process for; schools, mixed use, commercial buildings, and to help you through that process

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