Blue Dunes: Climate Change by Design

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Blue Dunes: Climate Change by Design is a book documenting the proposal to create an offshore barrier island chain in the New York/New Jersey Harbor. Today, this proposal stands at a crossroads and its potential for the future of coastal protection requires further development. Participating scientists, engineers, planners, economists, and maritime stakeholders identified critical key issues including: water quality, habitats, recreation, navigation, constructability, and funding. The Blue Dunes Research Initiative (BDRI) explored these issues and developed a new approach to coastal protection. Funded originally by HUD and the Rockefeller Foundation through the Rebuild by Design competition, the work behind this book describes the necessity of creating a knowledge network around resiliency for the entire region’s urban coastal communities; from the organizations that serve them to the scientists invested in researching them.

Many issues related to storm defense that the scientific community addresses are regional in scope: hydrodynamics, levels of salinity, coastal fishing economies, energy and wind dissipation of storms, and basic wave physics. The proposal for Blue Dunes transcends political jurisdictions and speaks to the regional issues at play in the Mid-Atlantic coastal systems.

Join us for a panel discussion about this project and the Blue Dunes Research Initiative that has the potential to save lives and billions of dollars across the region.

Claire Weisz, FAIA, WXY architecture + urban design
Jesse M. Keenan, PhD, Lecturer of Architecture & Area Head, Real Estate and the
Built Environment, Harvard Graduate School of Design
Jonathan Goldstick, PE, Senior Director, Langan

Karrie Jacobs, author, critic and contributing editor, Architect Magazine

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