10 KPIs Your Architecture Firm Needs to Track for Maximum Project Profitability

Projects are the core of your architecture firm. Not only do they generate profits, but they are also at the center of your firm’s business operations. As such, doing everything you can to ensure their success should be one of your top priorities.  

Key performance indicators (KPIs) track project success by measuring how your projects (or team, clients, and so on) are performing. Because each architecture firm has different goals and ways of working, your vital KPIs will vary from project to project.

Effective KPIs, regardless of project type, are:  

  • Well-defined and quantifiable
  • Communicated thoroughly to every employee
  • Crucial measurements for tracking the progress of your goals
  • Applicable to your firm and industry

Within the world of project performance and finance, certain KPIs should always be used to monitor and improve your success.  

Learning Objectives

  1. What Key Performance Metrics are and which ones you should be tracking to know if your firm is on track.
  2. How to tell if your firm is profitable and what projects you should be saying no to.
  3. How to monitor each employees’ billable hours as well as the utilization and earned value of a project.
  4. How to stay within budget and calculate your current work in progress in real time.

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