Expansion Joint Critical Knowledge

Buildings have to resist a range of forces acting on them. From hot summer days to cold winter nights. Winds pushing and pulling on the exteriors. Tremors and earthquakes can plague buildings. Water tries to wick its way into every crevasse possible. Facility maintenance teams drive equipment across floors and down corridors. This course addresses some of the basic knowledge needed to understand the role expansion joint system play within your projects. The systems combine form and function, so we will discuss guidelines for evaluating the most appropriate solution in these system types. We will also cover what happens when fire ratings come into play, review the most common field problems you may encounter, and will talk about how to reduce liability through improved oversight in expansion joint installations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire a solid understanding of Expansion Joints and the available architectural joint covers spanning them.
  2. Overview of Fire Barriers Systems and their applications.
  3. Identify a few of the most-common field problems pertaining to joint detailing and installations in the field.
  4. Identify industry standards and liability reduction steps an architect can take.

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1 AIA LU/Elective