Architectural Steel Profiles

Steel profiles are made for striking designs in architecturally exposed structures with a unique focus on commercial, residential, steel-glass facades and more. This course is designed for architects, engineers, fabricators and metal enthusiasts. We will go in-depth on the different applications and benefits of using sharp corner steel and stainless steel profiles in architecture, with a heavy emphasis on steel production technologies, specific case studies, material selection and available shapes and sizes. After completion, one will have a better understanding of the unique features of sharp corner steel profiles used in architecture.

Learning Objectives

  1. Overview of the different production methods of steel profiles with an in-depth look at laser welding and how this technology allows for sharp edge and sharp corner steel profiles.
  2. To discuss the advantages, availability and benefits of using sharp corner steel profiles in AESS applications with an in-depth look at specific case studies using sharp corner steel profiles.
  3. Explain the difference of carbon and stainless steel and discuss which grade of steel is best suited for which specific applications. Overview of the mechanical properties and physical traits of these steel alloys.
  4. Summarize the available resources to assist architects, designers and engineers with material selection and the specification of sharp corner carbon and stainless steel profiles.

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1 AIA LU/Elective
1 PDH*