Lighting Effects with Coiled Wire Fabric

LeCorbusier is attributed with the quote that “architecture is light”. Indeed, most architects spend a lot of design time working natural and artificial lighting into buildings in ways that are both functional and beautiful. Of course, it is really the interplay of that light onto materials and surfaces and the way it is spread throughout a three-dimensional space that produces a total experience. Factor in time of day and different lighting conditions, and the total process is a very dynamic one, not just a static event. Among the materials that are part of an architect’s palette for incorporating light into buildings, coiled wire fabric is becoming a more widely used medium. With variable light transmission or reflection qualities, it provides a very customizable but cost effective and durable option for achieving a wide range of design outcomes. This course delves into the specifics of this versatile material and looks at the variety of ways that it enhances architecture through the use of light. Starting with an overview of the material, we then look at the ways it can be a means of control and enhancement of both natural daylight and electrical lighting. Further, we explore its use as a surface where still or moving imagery can be projected. Ultimately, it is the combination of design prowess, materials, and lighting that create beautiful, functional architecture as seen in examples cited.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and recognize the specific nature of coiled wire fabric with its abilities to impact lighting, ventilation, and well-designed healthy spaces.
  2. Assess the use of coiled wire fabric to control or enhance the use of sunlight to create improved indoor environments for the welfare of their occupants.
  3. Explain the options available for using electrical lighting, including low voltage or energy efficient LED lighting, for interior and exterior installations.
  4. Determine ways to use coiled wire fabric as a means to receive projected imagery, both fixed and moving, for artistic or performance purposes.

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