Designing Beyond Borders: Enhancing Indoor Outdoor Living

Why must we think of home and nature as distinct, or even opposing, spaces? The best design does not stand in opposition to nature; instead it facilitates cooperation and the elimination of perceived boundaries. By their very design, Multi Panel Door systems enable an unbroken engagement between interior and outdoor spaces. Reaching beyond the capability of a traditional hinged door, Multi Panel systems don't just transition between indoors and out. Instead, the wide and seamless openings they furnish blend the exterior space into a room or series of rooms, eliminating the perceived divide.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the health benefits from integrating better ventilation and outdoor rooms with a building's interior.
  2. Identify the aesthetic uses of consistent sightlines and product styling in creating a seamless profile for a perfect match.
  3. Discuss Multi Panel Door system materials and components and their environmental,sustainable, and energy benefits for a project.
  4. Realize the importance that proper installation has for a building's sustainability.

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1 GBCI CE Hour