Daylighting 201

A Simple Guide to Motorized Shades and Controls.

Course Objective: To provide attendees with a clear understanding of how the benefits of natural light can be maximized and energy conserved through the proper specification of motorized shades and controls.

Learning Objectives

  1. Correctly specified shades can meet the needs of the individual and at the same time assist in optimizing total building efficiency. How can motorized shades balance these two factors more economically than manual shades?
  2. Motorized and manual shades can both lead to a number of LEED credits. Why do motorized shades in particular provide the strongest case for achieving them?
  3. Case studies indicating substantial energy conservation and savings in utility costs through the use of the correct shade fabric and method of motorized control.
  4. When specifying motorized shades what are the most important considerations to be made?

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