Operable Glass Walls for Flexible Interior Space Division

Operable Glass Walls for Flexible Space Division will present the information you need to confidently design innovative projects using operable glass walls in both interior and exterior applications. You will learn the differences between folding and single track sliding wall systems and how and where they are used. Learn about acoustics when dividing interior spaces with operable glass walls and how stringent product testing supports design freedom. View imaginative new applications in an ever increasing market place. Challenge yourself to blur the lines between landscape and living space.

Learning Objectives

  1. Familiarize architects with the terminology, capabilities, and usages of large moveable glass wall systems.
  2. Provide a basic understanding of acoustic principles, definitions and show the effectiveness of operable glass walls in helping to isolate sound in interior applications.
  3. Demonstrate how large operable glass walls can improve the health, safety and welfare of building occupants.
  4. Demonstrate new and innovative ideas to take into the design process for schools, hospitals and other commercial applications, and to help you through that process.

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Angela Haynes

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