Architectural Record BE - Building Enclosure

Large Opening Operable Glass Wall Showroom Tour

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The Large Opening Operable Glass Wall Showroom Tour will host and guide you through a showroom dedicated to large opening operable glass walls. You will have the opportunity to examine and operate full size units and learn the differences between folding, single track sliding and minimal framed sliding wall systems and discover how and where each of these systems are used most effectively. Various sill options will be displayed and explained along with suggested installation details of frames and head track. Learn how rigorous product testing for air & water resistance, design pressure, thermal performance and operating cycles support design freedom and sustainable qualities. View innovative new applications in a consistently increasing product category and be challenged to blur the lines delineating indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Identify and recognize the capabilities and usage of both folding and sliding operable glass walls in building enclosures.
  2. Experience the operation of full size systems to discover the design potential and innovative opportunities offered in creating buildings that are flexible in use and sustainable by nature.
  3. Assess the functional contribution of operable glass walls as they contribute to green building design and the health, safety and welfare of occupants.
  4. Illustrate new ideas than can be part of the design process for residential and various commercial applications including corporate, hospitality, interiors and schools




Contact Information:

NanaWall Systems
Angela Haynes